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Laborer to entrepreneur - the impact of Rs. 20,000

When I reached Nandikurli at 7:30 a.m., the winter chill could be felt slowly sneaking into the days. Although it was early, the village was alive with people engaged in all sorts of activities. Navasa, the Milaap borrower I was here to meet, had just finished cleaning her house.
Navasa lives with her son and works on farms as daily wage earner. She also runs buffalo husbandry business. A Milaap loan of Rs. 20,000 she took a few months ago allowed her to buy a new buffalo. With the 2 buffaloes she has right now, she is able to sell 2 liters of milk daily and still keep aplenty for her family.
Navasa is planning to further expand her business. She is pleased with the way adding a new buffalo has boosted her business. Now, she is ready to explore even more avenues in her business.

Navasa and her buffalo