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This 21-year-old's Body Has Stopped Producing Blood , His Last Chance To Survive Is A Transplant

21-year-old Kumarswami came to Bangalore in search of a job, but his destiny had something different in store for him. Within three months for his job, his body completely stopped producing blood cells.

He was supporting the family without thinking about his own career

Kumarswami finished PUC and started working in Bangalore with his brother, Naveen, in a small eatery. Things had slowly started to change for good for the family but when Kumarswamy started suffering from severe bleeding gum, they dreaded something bad is going to happen
His brother Naveen took him to a local hospital. He was given some treatment and sent back home. Naveen thought his brother would be fine very soon but his condition deteriorated every day. Only when he was taken to a different hospital did they come to know he is suffering from a very rare blood disorder known as Aplastic Anemia. In simple terms, his body has completely stopped producing blood cells.

“I had worked very hard to build a small house for my old parents in my village of Ramnagar. Now we have leased it for my brother’s treatment. I have no option but keep my aged parents in the mercy of relatives.”
Naveen did everything for his brother’s treatment which went on for around three months with a hope that he will be fine but all his efforts went in vain when the doctor said he is not responding to the treatment. Now the only option for him is a Bone Marrow Transplant.

The family has no money left for Kumarswami's treatment

"We have already spent Rs.4.5 lakhs for my brother’s treatment, our house is given out for lease, both of us have left our jobs. We have no money left, all our resources are exhausted, we are unable to manage my brother’s treatment." 
Kumarswami is going through tremendous pain. Every 3 days he has to go through a blood transfusion. His platelet count has gone down very drastically, he feels very week nowadays, his appetite is totally gone. In no way can he survive if he doesn’t undergo a transplant immediately. Fortunately, Naveen is a matched donor for the transplant. But he needs Rs.12.5 lakhs for the Bone Marrow Transplant. They are in no condition to arrange for such a huge amount. 

“I cannot see my brother die in front of my eyes. I had a dream to give my family a comfortable life. I worked very hard towards this. Never in my worst nightmare I would have imagined that my brother’s life will be in danger. My old parents think Kumar will be fine very soon. How can I tell them he is going to die because I cannot arrange money?” 

How You Can Help

The family will be shattered if Naveen cannot save his brother. You are the only hope for them. With your contribution, Kumar can undergo the life-saving Bone Marrow Transplant. He is lucky to get a match with his brother. His brother is doing everything possible to save Kumar. Your contribution can help Naveen save his young brother.
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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