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This 4-Year-Old Suffers From A Rare Condition And Cancer, Her Family Has No Money To Treat Her

4-year-old Kruthika has a rare immunodeficiency that has caused multiple health complications and even led to cancer in the lymph nodes. With chemotherapy and a bone-marrow transplant, she has a good chance of making a recovery. Her parents, Manjula and Anand, are in no position to afford their baby's treatment and are desperate for funds.

Her father is still recovering from his heart surgery

Anand is an auto-driver, but his health prevents him from working long hours. Every day, he leaves home at 5 a.m., he intends to work late so he can earn some extra cash needed for Kruthika's treatment. But every day, by 3 p.m., he begins to feel tired, short of breath and rushes back home to rest so he doesn't fall sick. He can't afford to fall sick right now. 

Anand and Manjula with Kruthika

Two weeks back, he learnt that his daughter has Hodgkin Lymphoma – a cancer of the lymph nodes. Not just that – the doctors said it developed because she had the Hermanshy Pudlak Syndrome and a rare kind of albinism that made her skin and eyes light-coloured.  

Kruthika's arrival is Anand and Manjula's miracle

After losing both his parents at a very young age, Anand always wanted a family of his own so he could have a home again. He got married to his cousin Manjula but they were unable to have a child. After almost giving up hope, they finally had a baby girl who would complete their family. 

Kruthika has been admitted to the hospital due to a swelling under her left ear

Little Kruthika doesn't yet know that she is sick. She is only able to tell her parents when something hurts.

Kruthika was born 10 years after her parents got married in 2013. Her birth was a happy occasion for the family that had gone through some difficult times. Anand had just gotten a heart surgery. Kruthika was a happy baby and her parents were thrilled that she had inherited her late grandmother's light eyes. But Kruthika fell sick frequently – she would be irritable and developed frequent colds, cough and fever.

More than one doctor told Manjula that sickness was to be expected given that she had married her cousin. Manjul and Anand started to worry for their baby. Their worst fears about their baby's health were soon to come true. 

“Kruthika is our life – we will have nothing if we lose her”

Two weeks back, they noticed a swelling under her left ear. When they took her to the hospital, it turned out that she had cancer in her lymph nodes. To recover, Kruthika needs chemotherapy followed by a Bone Marrow Transplant – a procedure that would cost the family over 33 lakhs. Even if he managed to get a loan, he would never be able to pay it back in this lifetime. He has never missed his parents' presence more. 

Kruthika at home

How you can help
Anand is doing everything he can to arrange for funds, but to an already impoverished family, the amount seems impossible. Kruthika will get a chance at life, if she can undergo the transplant with our support. 

Your contribution to this fundraiser will help this 4-year-old to stay alive

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