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Mother of 9-month-old Baby is Fighting All Alone to Keep her Baby Alive

9-Month-old Dhanasree has a condition called VACETRL which stands for Vertebral, Anal, Cardiac, Traceo Esophageal, Renal, and Limbs - malformations in one or more of these systems. The condition was not picked up when her mother Vishnupriya was pregnant and only came to light after Dhanasree's birth. Since then, the little one has been fighting to live.

She had her first surgery within 48 hours of her birth

When doctors said that the baby needs to have a surgery just a day after she was born, Vishnu Priya went cold. But she never thought that it would only be the beginning. Dhanasree's first surgery was to connect her stomach to her food pipe. After a months' stay at the hospital, she was finally able to come home. But after just four months at home she showed signs of complications. She threw up more than she was are and developed a bad cold and fever. 

Baby Dhanasree was rushed to the hospital and she was put in the ICU. She is on ventilator support because she has breathing trouble. Dhanasree's second surgery was to create a way for air to properly flow into her lungs. Despite two operations in less than six months, Baby Dhanasree still needs a lot of help.

Dhanasree's father did not want a child with so many illnesses and left

Vishnupriya is from Salem, but she came to Coimbatore for delivery. Her pain at Dhanasree's condition is unimaginable.  What should have been a happy time with her baby, is turning into a struggle to live. Her husband who should have been with her to give her strength has left her and the baby and refusing to take responsibility. He has seen the baby only once, right after she was born. When he learnt that she needs extensive treatment, he left them.

“I feel emotionally numb, and I have cried myself out. I have only one thought- to save my baby. I live only because of her. I can't go to work, and I have to look after her every moment. My husband may have left us but I can never imagine giving up on my baby. My brother is taking care of us, the only reason we survived all these days,” says Vishnupriya

Dhanasree needs to be in hospital for at least 6 more months

Baby's uncle is now taking care of the family

Visnupriya’s brother Krishna works in a private consultancy and he is the only one taking care of his sister. Their mother is a heart patient and she needs someone to take care of her too, but the situation is so bad that there was no choice but to leave her alone at home in Salem. They are staying in the ICU with the baby, and may have to move to a rented room once the baby is shifted from ICU.

“I’m doing what I would have if Dhanasree had been my own daughter. I can’t let my sister and the baby down. It is my responsibility to stay with my sister. Tears roll down from my eyes whenever I see my sister cry. I’m doing all that I could do to save the baby. I pray God to give us the strength to endure this pain. I can’t imagine my sister returning home without her child,” says Krishna.

Dhanasree with her uncle Krishna

How can you help

Beyond the mental and physical stress of the situation, Vishnupriya and Krishna face the monetary stress caring for their mother, and arranging for everyone's medicines, food and other basic expenses and much more. Krishna has already spent Rs 15 lakhs on the treatment. His savings are all gone and he has borrowed money from family and friends. Dhanasree is expected to be on ventilator support for at least 6 more months and the treatment requires 10 lakh. Only your contributions can make their difficult life a little bit easier.

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