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Help This Farmers Daughter Undergo A Liver Transplant

In her family, 11-year-old Kousar is the quiet, serious one. She studies at the government school in her village in Koppal, Kanataka. Kousar is also the diligent one at school who helps her friends with their studies after school. In her lighter moments, a bright-eyed Kousar confides in her parents that she wants to be a doctor. She sometimes switches it to 'teacher' and even 'shopkeeper'. 

Her parents work the fields in their small village in Koppal, Karnataka. If it rains well, they manage a good harvest and there are grains for the family to eat and sell. Even so, it is too meagre to meet the family's needs. So Kousar's father Gudusab Kolli, does daily-wage work to make steady income for the family making Rs 200-250 per day. Even Kousar's elder brother, 17, contributes by taking heavy-lifting jobs for money. 

Kousar sick with rare genetic disease

Five months back during the summer vacations, Kousar came home complaining of a sharp, heavy pain in her stomach. Her mother sent her to bed with some warm food, suspecting nothing. But over the night, the pain got worse and she was rushed to the hospital Hubli, the nearest city, first thing in the morning. 

The doctors scanned her abdomen and found that she had ascites – a condition in which the stomach fills up with fluid. “In two sessions, they removed 8 litres of water from Kousar's stomach. The doctors then sent us to Apollo Bangalore for an 'operation',” says her father, operation being the extent of what he understands about Kousar's condition.

The doctors diagnosed her with Wilson's Disease, a rare genetic disorder where excessive copper is deposited in the liver and eventually the brain. Kousar had liver failure and urgently needed a liver transplant worth Rs 12.5 lakhs.

Struggling to make Kousar's treatment happen

Kousar's family has encashed all their savings to scrape together Rs 3 lakhs on Kousar's treatment in four months. Though determined to treat their daughter, they are not sure where the money will come from. “This is the first time anyone in our family has been so sick. We don't have any money left, but all that matters is our daughter gets better,” her father says.

On the days she feels better, Kousar misses school. The school misses Kousar too, and she is regularly visited by her teachers and her classmates who keep her updated on lessons. She has missed four months now and is counting days till she gets better. 

Given the family's financial background, the hospital has given the family a concession and will perform the transplant at Rs 12.5 lakhs. Her mother will donate a portion of her own liver for Kousar. Her father is is trying to pick up multiple daily jobs to make extra money – which is barely sufficient. The family sorely needs funds to get Kousar the liver transplant she needs to survive. 

Matching your donations

A generous donor has committed to a significant amount and is also matching all donations made for Kousar on Milaap. So every rupee you give becomes two, thereby helping us reach the need faster. All your donations will go towards the treatment and surgery of this smart 11-year-old child.
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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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