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Support This Man In Delhi To Create Jobs For Acid Attack Survivors

A travel agency that employs those who haven’t got a chance to see the world themselves. 

“Everyone talks about the importance of face value” said an acid attack victim who met Akash, a former freelance travel consultant with a background in HR trainee in the training and skill development sector. The inspiration to start a unique venture traces back to an incident faced by Akash at Lajpat Nagar, where he met the acid attack victim who narrated her story. Today, he has hired six visually impaired women who run his agency.

A challenging and dynamic work environment has empowered and motivated them to work efficiently despite the physical shortcomings. The shortcomings are not just physical, but societal and economical as well. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have enough funds to support them. There are months where barely any profit is made. Since Akash handles all the work single handedly, there are times when he cannot cover all the appointments fixed by the employees.
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“For me, salary is not important. It is the learning and respect I get here which matters,” said Kamlesh, one of the employees. “Sir taught us how to fix appointments with schools and colleges, how to prepare tour packages, gave us knowledge about the different places in India.” Agreeing with Kamlesh, another employee, Prema added, “The happiness of self-earned money is beyond satisfying. I don’t feel hesitant to spend.”

Archana, who is MA in Home Science will be getting married soon. At the time of joining, she had a very low self-esteem and would hesitate to make a conversation. Now, says Akash, she is so confident that she can handle any kind of situation and does not entertain any sympathetic behavior from people who try to question her on her potential. 

Their mode of functioning is conducive for them to operate at their optimal level. Collectively, they make calls, confirm appointments and finalize tours. Their clientele includes corporate organizations, schools and colleges, other than industrial tours, family trips, adventure camps, etc. Further, Akash plans to train the employees in Net Banking in the coming 3-4 months, which he claims will be the first of its kind in India where visually impaired handle net banking.

His Dream For Them 

Akash dreams to provide jobs to all those people who are rejected by companies due to their appearance or disease like HIV positive. He wishes to form an inclusive community for them all over India. Therefore, he plans to have more branches of Khaas in India so that the challenge of moving to a new city does not become a hindrance to their growth. Khaas only has a branch in Delhi currently.

How can you help?

Akash took a loan of 8 lakhs to start this company. He sold his car and wife’s jewelry, as the expenses and burden of repaying the loan was increasing. He still hasn’t repaid the amount.

In a desperate need of funds, Akash is constantly working hard towards carrying this initiative. A ray of hope in the form of contribution and support from all would help this entrepreneur to achieve the parity in the society we all have been advocating. Contribute to help Akash