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Help This Steel Mill Worker Save His Little Daughter From Brain Cancer

Janakiraman hails from Mayiladuthurai, a small district in Tamil Nadu. He works in a cement and steel mills and has been a doting father to daughters Raghavardhini (11) and Kayalvizhi (3). It is harsh tragedy that Janakiraman faces today; his younger daughter Kayalvizhi is battling for her life from a deadly brain tumour.

First detection of the tumour

Around the time of Diwali in 2016, Raman noticed that Kayalvizhi was squinting with her left eye. He assumed that she was merely being playful. A little later, her neck started tilting towards the right side- and that’s when Raman knew something was wrong.

The worried parents took her to multiple doctors who recommended an MRI scan. Baby Kayalvizhi was too scared to sit still inside the MRI machine to take a scan. After much cajoling by her parents, she took a CT scan.

Doctors discovered a brain tumour that was pressing on her optic nerve. This caused the squinting and the neck tilting. The recommended option was a surgery costing Rs 5.5 lakhs- something that Raman could never afford.

“My employer helped me with expenses for the surgery. He knew that this was the only way to save my baby’s life.”

The situation getting worse - complications in her lungs

Raman started 2017 by moving to Chennai to admit Kayalvizhi in the hospital. On Jan 6th, doctors performed the surgery- but were able to remove only 75% of the tumour. This was because it was in a delicate area in the brain, and chances of causing damage were high.  Since the tumour was declared as cancerous, doctors prescribed radiation after the surgery. Each treatment cost Raman Rs 1.3 lakhs.

Raman hoped to afford the treatment - he left home for his hometown after leaving his wife in Chennai. Immediately after a week, Kayalvizhi took a turn for the worse. Staff at the hospital called him, and Raman came rushing back to Chennai. Kayalvizhi was struggling to breathe, because her lungs could not hold the air; the complications showed up even after the radiation and surgery. 

The treatment is long and costly for Raman

Doctors are working to get her lungs to normal, which may take a while. Only after this, they will proceed to the next phase of radiation therapy. At present, Raman is in urgent need of funds for hospital bills and continue with her treatment.

For the past one and a half months, Raman and his wife are at the hospital every day and praying that their baby girl gets better. Raghavardhini- the elder daughter knows that her parents are busy every day but is not aware of the seriousness of the situation.  

Help Raman save his baby girl

Raman has tried all ends to gather funds to save his daughter. At present, he needs Rs. 22 Lakhs for the treatment of the lungs and subsequently the tumour in Kayalvizhi's brain. You are the last resort that he and his baby Kayalvizhi have. A little help from you may have her united with her parents, and Raman his happy family back! 

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