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Support Vandana In Saving More Animal Lives In Delhi

"I saw a man beating up a dog until she was bleeding, and it was the first time I stood up for something," says Vandana Anchalia a dog lover who went from just bringing home strays to launching an animal welfare center that has treated over 350 fuzzy creatures.

Dog lover to animal activist

Back in Assam, Vandana loved caring for her four-legged friends on the street, going as far as taking them off the street and bringing them home to make them her own. When she moved to Delhi, nothing changed in the way she adopted strays until the day she saw a man beat up a poor animal right in front of her eyes. When her words fell deaf on his ears, she called People for Animals to help get through this situation. This was the first time Vandana was introduced to the world of Animal Welfare.
She was introduced to the various adoption groups, treatment centers that could help nurse the wounded dog back to health, and activist groups that would help prosecute wrong-doers. This was the beginning of a fantastic journey.

The birth of KAW

Soon, Vandana began rescuing dogs from terrible situations, fostering them, adopting a few and also working alongside various animal welfare groups in their missions. Finally, upon encouragement from those who believed in her potential, she launched KAW (Kannan Animal Welfare).
KAW currently has a treatment center in Noida where the animals are sterilized or cared for in case of injuries. After they recover, they are released back to their caretakers. If they do not have a home, these animals are transferred to a rehabilitation or rehoming facility in Neemrana from where they are put up for adoption to loving caregivers.
"Some of the dogs that people have said that nothing can be done, even those we have treated and brought back to good health."
So far, KAW has treated over 350 dogs including those that were mortally injured. 120 strays have been sterilized with zero mortality rate, and 43 have been adopted including 26 dogs by overseas caregivers.

How can you help?

Instances of animal cruelty are rising by the day, and so is the need to protect more of our fuzzy friends. KAW is expanding its infrastructure to accommodate more dogs in need of help. Your support can help decrease the rate of animal mortality and save more lives every day.

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