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This Farmer Needs Immediate Help To Save His 2-year-Old Son's Life From Cancer

"How can I explain to my 2-year-old son to stop crying and we, his poor parents do not have anything left to save him. The way he cries in pain, it kills us. We don't know how we will save him".

Upen and Dippi are a young and happy couple and the birth of their first child was their happiest moment. Kaushik means the world to them. They had just begun weaving beautiful dreams for his future when 2-year-old Kaushik was diagnosed with cancer.

It began with harmless looking rashes on the skin

Kaushik used to be a cheerful and active little boy till 2 months ago. Suddenly, he had allergies. His entire body was covered in rashes. They thought it was an infection from playing outside all the time but when it got worse, these parents rushed him to the hospital. Upen and Dippi refused to believe the reports and they sought more opinions. Heartbroken, they had to accept that their little toddler had cancer

"Doctors asked us to take to a bigger hospital. I sold the little piece of land I had to bring him to Chennai hospital. He is my only child. I can't imagine losing him. It is unbearable to see him in constant pain. He shows  improvement after the chemo, I will not give up at any cost." - Upen

Kaushik has responded well to the chemo, he needs 3 more cycles of chemo

Kaushik has completed 1 cycle of chemo and he needs 3 more cycles of intensive chemo. Kaushik is terrified of injections and throws a tantrum when anyone comes near him with a needle. This little boy who was once full of life is now fragile and exhausted. His pain would break anyone's heart.

Mother is restless and refuses to move away from him

Kaushik's mother Dippi spends sleepless night sand she has hardly come to terms with the reality. She does not understand the language spoken here and she has no one to share her emotions. She feels anxious and she refuses to leave Kaushik even for a moment. 

Parents have no source of income yet determined to save their only son

"He is pleading to go home. He doesn't understand why this is happening to him. I wish he recovers soon. I can't see my little one crying in pain. We don't have any money left with us, but how can we go without him?" - Dippi

Kaushik shows signs of improvement, treatment can help him recover fully

Upen is a farmer who had to sell a piece of his land to bring Kaushik to Chennai for treatment. They rented a room and cannot afford to even pay for their meals. Kaushik is showing signs of improvement. Doctors are hopeful that he'll recover soon if he completes the chemo cycle. This gives him the strength to continue the battle despite all odds.

Kaushik's father is a farmer, he cannot afford the treatment

Upen and Dippi had come all the way to Chennai from Assam. They sold everything but still struggle to save their son. There are good chances of recovery if the treatment is given. They need Rs 10 lakhs for the treatment which is beyond their means.

How you can help

Kaushik has to go through so much pain in the small age of 2. He doesn't stop crying and it breaks the heart of his parents to see him suffer.

Kaushik can survive with the help of your contributions.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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