Severe Injuries From The Sport Melted This 14-Year-Old Boxer's Skull And He Needs Bone Implants | Milaap
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Severe Injuries From The Sport Melted This 14-Year-Old Boxer's Skull And He Needs Bone Implants

“He loves boxing. Despite the injury, he can’t wait to go back to the ring.”

14-year-old Saineeth was fighting a boxing match when he suffered a grave injury to the skull. He was immediately rushed to the hospital and an emergency surgery was performed. Due to the severe injury, he also suffered major nerve damage. He has had two surgeries, but both have failed. He needs another surgery to recover.

His head is swollen and he’s constantly in pain 

After the injury while boxing, he went into his first surgery in January 2017. The second corrective surgery for bone replacement was done after 3 months. But after some days the bone started melting now there is no bone on the left side. When this happened, the doctors suggested implanting an artificial bone, which requires another surgery.

Due to the injury and nerve damage, the blood circulation to his skull is still not normal and hence a side of his head is always swollen. Saineeth suffers constant throbbing headaches and an immense pressure on his head. His medical condition doesn’t allow him to live the carefree life of a 14-year-old boy. It also affects his studies and activities, blighting the life of a talented young boy.

In spite of his fragile state, Saineeth wants to attend school. 

“He’s a very active kid. Even in this state, he insists on going to the school. The doctors have also agreed to it since school still makes him so happy.”
Saineeth is an ambitious and outgoing student. He’s currently in class 10, which a crucial year for his academics. While he was hospitalised for surgery, he missed the normalcy going to school. Despite his injury, he wants to continue his studies and interact with his friends at school. Understanding his need to feel normal again, his doctors advised him to continue school, while undergoing the treatment. Luckily for Saineeth, his school authorities are being very supportive.

Mahesh’s financial condition doesn’t allow him to spent so much on Saineeth’s treatment

Saineeth's family, doctors and peers are being very supportive of him but the biggest hurdle is getting treated. His father Mahesh sells eggs for a living and earns barely enough to sustain their household. His mother works at a hospital to contribute to the household income, but even that isn't enough for Saineeth's treatment.

How you can help

For the first two surgeries, Mahesh and his wife Uma spent all their savings. They have nothing left and don't have any more funds to pay for Saineeth’s treatment. All Mahesh and Uma care about is seeing their son healthy and out of danger for good. But given their bleak financial conditions, affording this surgery seems impossible.

Saineeth needs the necessary treatment, along with a third Cranioplasty surgery. Only your help can make this a reality. Your contribution can make all the difference in this bright young boy’s life by giving him a second chance at life.  

Supporting documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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