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This Electrician Who Doesn't Recognize His Wife And Kids After A Terrible Accident Needs Urgent Help

"In just the blink of an eye, my husband lost 40 years of his memories about our marriage, children and our life. Suddenly, I became a stranger to him. My son calls out to him saying 'appa, appa' and cries because he doesn't look at him. I show him our marriage photos and try telling him stories in the hope that something might trigger his memory, but he looks at me blankly from his hospital bed, with no flicker of recognition." - Angel, wife of Kathava Rajan

A terrible accident had damaged his brain and despite two surgeries, he's still not out of danger

Kathava Rajan worked as an electrician. On September 1st, on his way to home from his work, he met with a terrible bike accident. Kathava Rajan was the pillion rider. While waiting at the signal, a car rammed into his vehicle and catapulted him through the air, with his helmet flying off. He fell on the ground smashing his face and bones. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital in an ambulance by some people who had witnessed the accident.

"I will never forget that phone call I got from his friend saying that my husband had met with a small accident. But something told me it was more serious than that. I rushed to hospital with my two little children, praying all the way. When we reached, I saw him lying on the bed, almost lifeless. - Angel.

Kathava Rajan had a surgery on the same day to remove the blood clot in his brain. He was in the ICU, unconscious for more than 10 days. Few days later, he had another surgery to remove the fluid accumulation in his brain. Now, he has gained his consciousness, he opens his eyes but he hardly recognizes anyone. Brain damage has led to the loss of memory. He needs to continue treatment to recover completely, but Angel is struggling.

His poor wife desperately tries to bring back his memory, but nothing works

Angel's world revolved around her husband and children. Now, the life she knew and loved has come to a standstill. She spends the whole day in the hospital, taking care of her husband along with her 2 children Kayalvizhi (4) and Somnath (1), desperately trying to help him remember them.

"I do not know how much he understands of what I say to him. Doctors said he could only absorb so much at a time. My daughter keeps asking me when he will talk to her. I do not know what to say. Each passing minute feels like a year to me. I'm just trying to get through everyday and gathering strength to endure all this for my children." - Angel.

Angel and her two children are totally dependant on the mercy of her brother for their basic needs

Angel somehow managed to get by with the support of her brother who is also a daily wage worker. Kathava Rajan is the sole breadwinner of the family, and could barely save anything from his meagre income. With the help of her brother and by borrowing from relatives, Angel has spent nearly 15 lakhs on Kathava's treatment. He was shifted to the general ward 2 weeks back and the doctors have said that he has a high chance of recovery provided he continues the treatment which would cost another 5 lakhs.

"All my relatives are daily wage workers and my family has already given up on him. Only my brother is helping me. I'll forever remain grateful for his help. But now I don't know what I can do to save my husband. I need him, my children needs their father. He has been our pillar of strength for so many years, I can't bear to see him like this." - Angel.

How you can help

40-year-old Kathava Rajan, husband of Angel and father of two little children is battling for his life. A near-fatal accident has robbed him of his memory and his ability to move. He is slowly recovering and needs to continue treatment for few more weeks. His wife is desperately waiting for any help to save her husband. She is neck deep in debts and with absolutely no income, only your help can save her husband.

Your kind contribution can help Kathava Rajan regain his memory and live a normal life

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  The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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