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This Disease Has Taken Over Kanappan’s Life Leaving Him With No Friends, Joy And Childhood

Kanappan is just 8 years old. Like all children, his life began well. He was a normal baby boy going through the stages of development – learning to roll over, make sounds, crawl and most of all, laugh out loud at anything his parents did to cheer him up. When he was just 7 months old, he was diagnosed with a disease that even his parents could not pronounce – Thalassemia.

They had never even heard of this disease and now their life is ruled by it

“He had not even said Amma or Appa yet when we learned of a disease that may take his life any time. The doctor explained it to us. His body cannot make proper hemoglobin, so he keeps feeling anemic. With his organs not getting enough oxygen, he is always dependent on others for blood, and when he does not get it, we might lose him.”

Kanappan’s life as he knows it now began as a gloomy day when he was down with a fever. Diarrhea was the next symptom. His parents thought it would pass in a few days. 15 days later, they rushed him to a hospital in Erode. A blood test later, they were introduced to the word that changed their lives.

He is in the hospital getting blood more than he is in school

For 2 months, he was in the hospital. Every day he needed blood. No matter how much they gave him, eventually, he would be anemic. He was not even a year old, and I could feel how tired he was. It has been 8 years since. His life has not changed.”

Every month for the past 8 years, Kanappan has been going to a hospital for 4-8 hour blood transfusions. He also needs injections every day at home to prevent complications from iron deposits as a result of the transfusions. Kanappan cannot avoid these transfusions which makes him susceptible to side effects. If more iron accumulates in his body, he could die. Even if he is fighting thalassemia, he could die of complications resulting from iron deposits in the liver, pancreases and the heart.

How could Kanappan ever make friends with this disease latched on his back           

“He does not have any friends because he is sick. Every few days we have to go to the hospital so it never allows him to create a bond. He does not feel bad about it because he thinks this is normal.”

Kanappan has not known any other life. He knows his disease better than anyone. He feels fabulous for the first week of the month. He feels tired the next, and then as if a toy with draining battery, he drags himself home, begging his parents to take him to the hospital. Kanappan cannot play. If he exerts himself more, he would have to rush to the hospital almost every week.

They need your help to save his life

“My husband works on the construction site, carrying cement, stones and bricks all day. We get Rs. 5000 a month but this is not enough for the treatment alone.”

Krishnamurthy and Arputham just had another child. Dharnesh is one year old. Arputham had to stop working during her pregnancy and has not gone back since. With hardly any money left after tranfusions, the family is dependent on loans for daily meals. If this continues, they will all starve to death. Kanappan needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible, so he can survive thalassemia, and this family can start over with a new life.

Your contribution can give Kanappan a fresh start and show him that life is more than needles and blood.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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