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This 55-day-old Baby's Chest Is Open As He Lies In The ICU Recovering From A Major Heart Surgery

"He was on our lap for 45 days after he was born. We never lay him on the floor. It's been 10 days, and we have not got a chance to even touch him!"

Kalimuthu and Kariyakaliammal were overjoyed when they had a baby boy on October 19th. Their family was complete with a 7-year-old daughter and a newborn son. When they visited the hospital after a few weeks for a follow-up, they discovered that their son was born with a heart defect. Without immediate surgery, they were going to lose him. Although the surgery was done in time, Kalimuthu's son is still in the ICU fighting a swelling from the surgery, with his chest still open.

If they had not gone to the hospital, they would have never known

This family was so happy about the newborn that they never noticed any symptoms. When he was around 40 days old, the couple took their baby back to the hospital for a followup and to discuss family planning options.

"The doctor had a stethoscope to his heart for a long time. He said there was a murmur and it could be a heart defect. We had to consult a cardiologist. At Kuppusamy Hospital in Coimbatore, they confirmed that he has Truncus arteriosus (where the two main arteries (pulmonary artery and aorta) don't develop properly and remain as a single vessel). He needed a surgery and we were referred to Apollo Chennai."

He was supposed to recover in 3 days, but it has been a week

As soon as they reached Apollo Chennai, all tests were done, and the baby boy was rushed into surgery. The defect was corrected, but his chest was left open to let the swelling go down. It was supposed to take 3 days, but it has been over a week, and Kalimuthu's baby is still in the ICU slowly recovering from the surgery. Although he does not have an infection, the swelling persists and his BP is erratic.

"We are not allowed anywhere near him, so he does not get an infection. In this past week, we got to see him up close only when we had to take a picture for the campaign. He once moved and my wife got so excited but they said he is sedated, and he is not actually responding to us. My wife is broken because she has not been able to hold him."

A mother who cannot touch her newborn baby

Kariyakaliammal is inconsolable. Being unable to feed her baby or even hold him is breaking her heart. Kalimuthu is living in Chennai with his wife at a rented place, on the very little money they have left from Rs. 2 L savings, of which almost 90% went towards medical bills.

"I am not sure about what we will do for food a few days from now. What I am most worried about is not being able to continue treatment if it takes longer than this week. I just want to take my son home, healthy."

How you can help

Everyone in the family has helped Kalimuthu, and now they have nothing left. He needs your help to continue treatment, and blessings to help the baby recover.

Your contribution can save Kalimuthu's newborn son, and bring him back home.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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