Journey to the Jeweled Land | Milaap

Journey to the Jeweled Land

It was all too fast and all too sudden. The strangest notion about this place is that you never get enough of it. It makes you hold your breath and appreciate its beauty. My phone constantly notified me of individuals I should communicate with. But, I stood there, smiling at this endless dream.


Manipur is situated in the eastern-most corner of Northeast India. Often it is referred as the jeweled land of India. Its awe-inspiring picturesque beauty lives up to the tag. After a few minutes’ drive from Imphal city, prepare to be bewildered by a field of yellow stalks of harvested rice. The road began to climb a slope and steadily the climb became more prominent.

It was surreal to stand on a piece of land that floats on water.  Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India is an iconic lake in Manipur.  The lake is known for its circular floating swamps also known as phumdis in the local language.

This primordial lake contributes majorly to the economy of Manipur. It functions as a reserve of water for hydropower generation, irrigation as well as is a source of drinking water. A number of rural fishermen who resides in the adjacent areas as well as on phumdis/ phumshongs are highly dependent on the lake for their daily livelihood.

We took a short boat ride on the Loktak Lake. The boats were multicolored and equipped by linking two small boats by means of a bamboo platform. We were enthralled with the splendid slopes over the horizon of the lake. The hazy winter sun tried to penetrate through the trees and painted a beautiful portrait.

At the roadside, one would find several stalls selling rice beers. Traditionally, the locally made rice beer is offered to the divine being prior to the consumption. Almost every celebration is incomplete without serving rice beer.

On our way back from Lokatak Lake, we checked out the Sadu Chiru Waterfall. The waterfall was almost 15m high and came gushing down from the tropical forest. During the rainy season, the waterfall looks breathtaking.

Just with a blink of the eye, the day came to an end. I hope that I keep exploring these roads. I have to bid farewell to this place at some point, but memories of this ‘jeweled land’ will remain engraved in my mind. It was now time to head back home, whereas I was still lost in the transition between dreams and reality.