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Farmer Couple Pays Rs. 15000/day To Save Their Newborns On Rs. 100/day Income

“I felt I could finally cherish motherhood when I received the news of my pregnancy 7 months back. I never expected to deliver earlier than the due date. We have waited years for a child. We were anxious and frankly terrified when the doctor told us it was going to be quadruplets. They are here, prematurely. I do not care about my stitches ripping or starving. I want to be by their side every minute and help them make it." - Rekha

The couple’s poverty has overpowered their happiness

Rekha and Ashok work on the farms in a small village in Indore. They earn only Rs 100 per day per person. When Rekha delivered 4 premature babies, they knew they had to work harder because they were prepared for one child. The babies can barely breathe and are struggling in the ICU.

The thought of losing their children is overwhelming

From the time that Rekha was pregnant, it has become very difficult for Ashok to juggle between work and taking care of his wife. Rekha has stopped working after her pregnancy. Now, even Ashok can’t go to work. Their earning has become nil. Every day the couple needs Rs 15,000 to save their babies. They now have to spend 150 times of what they earn every day which is impossible for them.

The couple has waited for 12 long years, the couple has finally been able to see their own children. They are desperate to save their newborns at any cost.

When Rekha became pregnant this time, their happiness knew no bounds until the sixth month of her pregnancy. The young mother gave birth to 3 boys and a girl. It is not Rekha's physical pain that bothers her much. What leaves her shattered is that she is unable to breastfeed or even touch her own babies.

“My babies are very tiny. They weigh less than 700 grams (2500 grams is ideal). We are helpless not just because we have to stare at them from a distance, but also because we have no one to turn back to for help. It's tough to just sit back and see our babies die."

Ashok has borrowed from everyone around him. From a range of Rs 500 to 10,000, his relatives have helped him as much as they could. But even these amounts are not enough to save his children. Ashok can't find a way to save his babies now.

How can you help?

Rekha and Ashok’s quadruplets are born premature and will not make it without ICU care for 3 months. The family has sold off and exhausted all that they had. The cost required to save the children is Rs 10 lakhs. They need your help to save their children.

Your support can save Rekha’s babies.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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