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Introducing Milaap Open: Your Cause, Your Fundraiser!

Everyone has a cause that they care about, want to raise money for the cause, want to support it, raise awareness....just that they can't find the right platform. We give you Milaap Open!

What is Milaap Open?

Milaap Open is the platform that allows you to champion and fund-raise for the cause that you care about.
  • Its easy to use
  • Has robust social-sharing features
  • Provides secure systems

How does Milaap Open work?


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Milaap Open FAQs:

1) What projects can I list on Milaap?
Anything that you believe can make a difference to even one person! It could be anything – education, children, women, youth, rural community, hygiene, environment, arts and culture etc; or for any kind of reason — a personal project, or for a school, or a charity, but strictly not for political or religious purposes. However, each project needs to have specific targets, defined timelines for implementation, and clear utilization of funds.
2) Do I have to be a registered charity?
No! Milaap OPEN is for individuals, volunteer groups, social enterprises and charities. We need a valid bank account and identification details of the account holder – individual or organization – to transfer funds.
3) How long does it take to set-up a campaign?
It’s easy! Fill out details of the project and we may connect with you for a quick verification. We may also suggest how to make your project write-up better. Once listed on Milaap OPEN you can start a campaign anytime, anywhere – from a desktop or a hand-held device – in less than a minute. Campaigns can be run by individuals or organizations, and numerous campaigns can run simultaneously for your project.
4) What does it cost?
We charge a 5% fees, and card transaction fees of 2.2% on the amount of funds raised. These fees are deducted at the time of transfer. We charge NO fees for listing. We are in it together; we succeed, only when you do!
5) Does Milaap verify completion of projects?
Yes! We may audit project implementation through phone calls, e-mails, or through our volunteer network. All audits will be shared as updates with the contributors to your project.
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