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Here's A List Of Inspirational Stories Of Famous People Who Have Survived Deadly Cancer

The wise ones often say ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ and our usual comeback for that is ‘well, it can buy us things that have the power to make us happy.’ Touché!

But think about those who, in spite of having enough resources, have not been spared from the horror of a life-threatening diseases.
The stories of the rich and famous who have survived cancer only reiterates my point. Cancer doesn’t choose its victims based on how much wealth one has - it is a very unbiased predator in this biased world favouring the rich.

So, here’s a list of real-life superheroes who’ve survived cancer. Their stories can act as a source of inspiration and courage in those times of despair when you feel that you’re alone. They can make you feel that even after the darkest clouds, we can hope for a silver lining.

Yuvraj Singh
After winning the 2011 World Cup for India and being named the 'Player of the Tournament', Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with Stage 1 Lung Cancer. He underwent chemotherapy in the United States and returned to India in March 2012. He went back to playing for Team India in the same year.

Manisha Koirala
The beautiful Bollywood actress had given splendid performances in films, such as: Dil Se, Bombay, Lajja and etc. At the age of 42, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She received treatment in a New York hospital and came out of the disease. However, she did not stop shooting for films during her chemotherapy.

Anurag Basu
The director of Barfi was diagnosed with acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (a type of blood cancer) in 2004. Doctors gave him a verdict of two months but Basu was not to be deterred. He fought the disease for three years and came out victorious. He then made successful movies such as Gangster, Life In A Metro and Barfi.

Lisa Ray
In 2009, the Indian-born actress was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma (a type of blood cancer). She immediately started medication and shut herself away from any media attention. For over a year, Lisa fought blood cancer and won the battle. In 2010, she made a public announcement saying that she had a full stem cell replacement and was completely cured.

Kanika Tekriwal
Kanika is the co-founder of JetSetGo – India’s first online marketplace for private jets and helicopters launched in 2014. Kanika was 22 in 2011 when she was diagnosed with cancer and though early doctors didn't offer hope, she did not give up till she found her way back to health. Last year, Tekriwal made it to the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 lists whereas, in 2015, she was one of the seven Indians on BBC's list of 100 most inspiring women.

Oncologists feel that the survival stories of the celebrities help people draw courage instead of filling themselves up with self-pity. Bollywood actor Sonali Bendre’s declaration that she is suffering from ovarian cancer could lead thousands of other patients around the country to try and lead a normal life instead of cutting themselves off from the rest.