Image of the Day [22.06.2011] | Milaap

Image of the Day [22.06.2011]


Today's image of the day shows a class being conducted by educational institute Vidya Poshak. GRAVITY, one of Milaap's field partners, is a joint venture between this institution and the reputed Grameen Koota. Vidya Poshak provides higher education for economically challenged yet meritorious students, who would otherwise lose out on their potential in life. Before selecting a student for their programme, they perform careful due diligence to ensure that the student is a deserving candidate for their program. Vidya Poshak is founded by IIM-A alumni, noted career counselors and reputed teachers.

Vidya Poshak mainly conducts two programs. The Nurture Merit Program provides books, training and finance for the meritorious students from disadvantaged families, eventually providing them a sustainable income. The Graduate Finishing School consists of three months of rigorous (12 hours a day!) training for non-technical graduates, to enhance their skills and competencies required for the job market. So far, the Graduate Finishing School boasts of 100% job placement.