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Image of the Day [06.06.2011]

Today's image shows two beneficiaries of the products of Barefoot Power, a social enterprise operating in Uganda and other East African countries. Barefoot Power develops, manufactures and distributes high quality and affordable LED home lighting systems in developing countries, transforming millions of lives every day. They are financially supported by Dutch microfinance investor Oikocredit, as well as the European Infrastructure Fund. Among their impressive list of supporters are such big-name players as the European Union, G-20, Ashoka, CTI PFAN and the Centre for Social Impact.

In addition to providing affordable lighting, Barefoot Power has also trained a network of 'solar entrepreneurs', who sell solar products in their towns and villages. Following the 'Venture Debt' model, the company provides loans for Small and Medium enterprises to sell microbusiness solutions that are in turn designed by the company itself. This model has shown promise, leading to 100% growth of these startups in the first 6-12 months.

More about the model, and the accolades won by Barefoot Power for it, can be read here.

You can read more about the work done by the company here .