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I Lost 3 Babies Already, I Cannot Live If My Newborn Son Does Not Make It

Prabhakaran and I fell in love and then got married. Our families disowned us, so it was just the two of us. We wanted to spend more time with each other before starting a family. One day, he said to me, "Let's have a baby!" I couldn't stop smiling. It was all I wanted. Ida and Prabhakaran had only one dream, to create a family. For 7 years we tried. Somehow bringing a baby home was never in our fate, or so we thought. I got pregnant thrice. I lost them all.

The 4th time, I was so anxious. I wanted my baby to survive. Suddenly, at the beginning of the 7th month, I felt a stabbing pain. I was not ready to lose my child again. Prabhakaran rushed me to the hospital. Our baby boy was born! Yes, premature, but he has a chance of making it. He was so tiny! About 1.3 kgs.

I was not even able to hold him but I took solace in watching him breathe. He struggled. His lungs were not fully developed. So he wheezed and gasped for air. It has been 3 months on the ventilator in the NICU, he has still not come home.

Ida has not recovered from her pain but she has no other choice but to look after her baby

We have been alone all these years, through good times and bad times. I have not been able to recover from the C-section yet. Still, I travel from home all day to be by my son's side. Somehow I feel like I am giving him strength and he gives me hope. Our mothers refused to come see us. they think we deserve all this pain.

They have no one to support and have exhausted all their savings

For us, it is not just a struggle to start a family, but even to keep our child alive. Prabhakaran is a driver and he is struggling to pay lakhs worth hospital bills for all these months. I have never seen him work like this. I am afraid he will fall sick. All he wants is for us to be home, happy, healthy and together. 

We managed so far, but we still need to keep him in the hospital for a few more weeks. We now need Rs. 10 lakhs and have nobody in the world to care for us. Please, I am asking you as a mother who has been desperate to hold a baby for all these years, help us save our son. Help us have a family.

Ida and Prabhakaran have run out of strength and funds. They are clinging on to every ray of hope they can find, and request your support to save their baby.

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