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Hybrid Model

Field officer at collection                                                            Field Officer at Collection My previous job before this fellowship was as a copywriter in an advertising agency which meant working odd hours, no personal life and it was in the city.Quickly doing a fast forward to that and coming to my present day scenario. I'm in a branch office in Surendranagar, one of Prayas' many centers, right in the midst of a review meeting. The discussion has shifted from borrower issues to office issues to employer issues. Some of the field officers at Prayas are still studying and battling a schedule between classes, exams and work hours. Some of the field officers are married women. So they are balancing house work and office work, which means they have woken up at 6am started cooking breakfast, getting their kids ready for school, cleaned the house and headed to work. After work, they pick groceries on their way and start preparing dinner for the family, cleaning the house and the whole cycle again. So sometimes the core of these discussions at a review meeting would mean explaining to the field officers, why being on time is important or how eight hours a day is the norm and essential.Coming from a corporate environment, where almost no one questions these things, everything is a competition and pulling a 10-12 hour shift is just natural, to now being in Surendranagar, a small-time town, this was a very different meeting to say the least. As the Prayas Director later explained, it's about adapting a hybrid model of work where you have to enforce diligence but at the same time treat everybody like family. If I hadn't seen or experienced it myself, these are some nuances I would have probably never understood. My field experiences so far have been real eye-openers and have played a crucial role in getting to the depth of these processes.