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How Samrat is Securing A Bright Future

Samrat Mohanty stays with his parents in Bolangir, Odisha. Thanks to a loan from Milaap, he is currently pursuing the second year of his Diploma course in Electrical Engineering in Bolangir. When I reached his house along with the MSF Field Officer Mr. Prashant, we were welcomed by Samrat’s father who runs a rubber stamp business in Bolangir town, Odisha. We were led to a small room adjacent to the entrance of the house. It seemed like Samrat's study room. In fact, Samrat was preparing for his exams when we reached there. His table was completely occupied by mammoth text books related to Electrical Engineering. One such book, familiar to almost all Electrical Engineering students of this nation, caught my eye: "A Textbook of Electrical Technology" by B.L. Theraja.
He cleared his table and arranged all his books in order when we entered his room. On his table, there was also practical equipment such as multi-meters, soldering equipment, etc. He had borrowed them from college to work on his project, as part of his coursework. When I asked him about his future plans once he graduates with the diploma, he says that he intends to pursue a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering if all goes well.  For now, with a Milaap loan to pay for his education, he is happy that he is striving to earn a respectable life without subjecting his parents to any financial burden.

Samrat Mohanty in his study room.