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How it feels to run a fundraiser - Harsh Snehanshu

Harsh Snehanshu is one of Milaap's super champions. He is currently running a Milaap fundraiser, aptly named Route to Roots, as he is on a six month India tour to discover India and write his fifth book: 'Route to Roots - A Hitchhiker's Guide To India', to be published in 2013. He has spent the last two months in the scorching heat of South India, and come across the people who really make up India - the villagers. With Milaap; he wants to help the rural artisans to use modern means, indulge in mass production and market their art at competitive prices in the country.

He has this to say about his experience when asking the people he knows to contribute to his cause:

"They are not bad people. They are just insensitive. They are not fond of not reciprocating. They are just too callous sometimes. They don't intentionally want to hurt you, they just don't know that you are getting hurt by their silence. They aren't inconsiderate, but they aren't considerate enough. Their silence, which often means unsaid negation, lay there hanging waiting for you to forget what you'd asked for, but you are still clouded by the false hope, that had sparked ever since you tried seeking their help. You wait.

Sometimes, they break that wall of silence, show you a gentle promise - saying that they would help. It's a promise that gives you hope, and faith, that people out there do care about what you are doing but along with that little faith and hope, they give you tireless wait, that doesn't stop - because of their inaction. You expect them to remember their promise, you don't want to remind them, thinking that you would look bad in front of their eyes. You wait.

They forget and they also forget that you haven't forgotten yet. You lie here hurt, while they meet you the next time with the same vivacity, the same joy and the same callousness, that has taken away all their charm in the past few days. You cry loudly inside for them to hear, but alas, they are too busy in their lives to know that you are still waiting for their answer, their willingness that is still languishing miles away from their heart and mind. You see them smile once more and all the useless clouds of expectations burst into the rain of your wait, which falls off them one by one on your face, seeps into your heart and disappears. You wait, no more.

P.S: Harsh mailed around 400 friends of his to contribute for the cause, and only two of them responded - with just promise that they would contribute. To help Harsh in his noble cause, please visit this page and make your contribution. Thank you.