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How a Milaap lender is changing lives in India!

Meet Prasanthi Guda. She is one of our  rockstar lenders who started lending on Milaap just a few weeks back. She was so enthusiastic about the work done by Milaap that she ended up impacting more than 40 families staying in rural India. Way to go Prasanthi! :) We were curious to know more about her, her life and the reason behind her support for sanitation projects. We recently had an opportunity to have a conversation with her. This is what she had to say: 

Q1) So Prasanthi, how did you come across
 I visited your website after one of my friends invited me over to a talk by Sourabh last weekend at her house. I attended Sourabh's talk to find out more about the work done by Milaap and was impressed by the projects undertaken so far and the work being done. I liked how the support was customised to each of the borrower's needs for a specific cause and how the same funds can help someone else when one borrower's needs have been met. 

Q2) Any special reason for the focus on sanitation?

 I believe that proper sanitation is the very least every family must have access to. It is a question of basic dignity of a person. With women and children in India struggling for this everyday basic need, (the lack of which leads to many other problems) - this is something that I feel has been neglected for a long time. With so much work to be done in India, it's just that a lot of other causes take up more attention than this one. It was surprising to see how little it takes to make a huge difference to the lives of these people and how their everyday lives can be improved with just a small contribution. That is why I wanted to focus on sanitation projects.

Q3) Motivation for making a loan on Milaap? 

I was touched to see how a team of young people at Milaap are striving to make a difference to the lives of many in India. I am sure there are many of us who want to contribute but don't know how and where. If we can be convinced that our funds are being put to good use and are assured that the money is reaching the people it is intended for, I believe that a lot of people out there would be inspired to join this effort. While Milaap is new to me, I see the effort made by the team and felt that it was important to lend a helping hand to them in their efforts. Besides, the individual profiles of the borrowers you have posted on your website helped me make a very real human connection with them. It was all very real to me. That was the real motivation for me to help out. 

Q4) What is the other area of focus you would like Milaap to raise funds for if any? 

 I Am happy with the options you already have. It may be important to dig deeper in some areas before stretching out far and wide to other causes as it takes lots of resources and funds to identify good partners to work with but I do hope that women and children can continue to be a big focus when Milaap identifies future projects to support.

Q5) Any feedback for us on how we can make the experience of lending much better for our lenders? 

A fine job with the website and the process you already have! Just hope to get more of my friends onboard to support Milaap! Well done!