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This Driver Will Lose His Son To A Dangerous Disease If He Can’t Afford The Transplant

“Sarvesh is 6 years old and he has gotten used to so much pain. He sits quiet for those 4 long hours when they stick multiple needles on his body. He needs the blood every 15 days, without the transfusion he can’t even get up from his bed. But now these transfusions are no longer helping him. He needs an urgent bone marrow transplant but how do I afford it?” - Anand, Sarvesh’s father.  

Sarvesh, when he was a baby

Sarvesh longs for a normal childhood

Sarvesh was 3 months old when his parents, Anand and Savita, noticed that he was looking very weak. It was as if the colour was off from his face and Sarvesh was soon running a temperature.

“What was this happening to my child - we kept wondering! We had taken him to so many doctors, no one could give us any reason for all this and in the meantime, Sarvesh was getting sicker by the day. Finally, a blood test showed that my son was born with a dangerous disease - his body wasn’t producing enough blood,”- Anand. 

And since then, Sarvesh has led a life full of restrictions. The little boy stays at home most of the time, eats only homemade food. He is too weak to play like other kids his age and he can’t risk even a small infection. This is not the life his parents had in mind when Sarvesh was born. 

Sarvesh is inching towards death with every passing day 

If you look at Sarvesh, it’ll be hard for you to point out what is wrong with him. He looks ‘normal’. He laughs and plays and sits for the online classes. He is excited to go to standard 1 but the little one doesn’t know that he doesn’t have much time in his hands. The transfusions were a stop-gap measure, Sarvesh needs the bone marrow transplant in a month’s time.

“I was shocked when the doctors told us that the regular blood transfusions won’t be able to save my son. Sarvesh will only live till he is 18 if we are unable to afford the transplant. My heart sank, how will I afford this life-saving transplant for my son which will cost me 15 lakhs?” - Anand. 

A timely transplant can fix the problem but Anand can’t afford it

Anand is a driver and the sole earning member of his family of 4. He makes a meagre earning anyway and in the last few months, he has hardly earned anything due to the pandemic. Over the years, Anand has been spending lakhs of rupees on Sarvesh's treatment. All his savings are over and the only way he can save his son now is with your help. Even a small amount can go a long way in helping Anand and Savita.

Your help will mean the world to this out-of-job driver and his wife who are running from pillar to post to save their son's life. Click here to donate.
Patient Master Sarvesh is 6 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated in Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Thalassemia major

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