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This Mother Is Single-handedly Trying To Save Her 12-year-old Son From Blood Cancer On No Income

Shanti, mother of two never had an easy life. She works hard and has sacrificed her life for her children. Despite poverty and suffering, she managed to send her children to Government boarding school. Her children's future and their dreams were her dreams too, but now she is devastated on learning that her 12-year-son Hemanth suffers from cancer.

Shanti struggles all alone to provide basic needs to her children

Shanti, her husband Venkat lives with their children in Bobbbih, Andhra Pradesh. They live in a small shed.  Unfortunately, Venkat did not manage to have a stable job and the family runs only on Shanti's income.

Hemanth and her sister score excellent grades at school. Hemanth is passionate about Science and Technology.  Shanti was determined to send her children to the government boarding school hoping that they would be able to have better exposure to studies and succeed in their life. She used to visit them every month. It was in August, that life took a tragic turn for the family.

 Hemanth fell sick, he became weak and was diagnosed with cancer

Hemanth fell sick and had nausea, he had terrible stomach pain and he was very weak. Shanti took him immediately to the local hospital, he was given medicines but it did not help him. His condition was deteriorating for the worse and finally, she took him to a hospital in Vijayawada where he was diagnosed with the dreadful disease blood cancer.

"I was totally shattered when I heard that he has cancer. How can he endure the pain at this young age? How will I afford the treatment? How can I manage all alone? There were train of thoughts running in my mind that almost killed me. It was my neighbour who gave me strength to face the reality" says Shanti

Shanti spend sleepless nights, worried about Hemanth's health

Shanti's only support and hope were her children, she lived for them. Now it is too much for her to bear that her son is fighting for his life. Her daughter is aware of Hemanth's condition, she cries a lot and she is longing to meet them but it has been more than 4 months since she had met. Shanti couldn't move away from  Hemanth in the hospital. She is desperate to save him at any cost.
Sankranti festival is round the corner and Shanti recollects how she had spent happily with her children in the past. She used to cook favourite food for the children and they would expect for it every year. But now life is upside down. They are in the hospital, not knowing what life is holding for them. She spends sleepless nights and worried about his health.

Shanti has no source of income, she can't afford the treatment

 Shanti worked as a cook to manage the basic needs and she was earning around 3k per month but now she has no source of income. She is struggling all alone and totally dependant on charity.
"Hemanth is scared of injections ad treatment, his little body could not bear the intense chemo. He doesn't know that he has cancer. He is pleading to take him back home. I'm helpless and I don't know how long I can go through this without any support and help" says Shanti

How you can help

Hemanth needs continuous chemo cycles to recover and he has a good chance of recovery. He is a very hardworking and brilliant child, Shanti's efforts and suffering should not go in vain. Shanti requires Rs 8 lakhs to save her son, and this money is beyond her means.

Your contributions can make Hemanth's treatment possible and save his life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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