Naheeda’s Husband Abandoned Her and The Children When She Began To Fight Cancer, And Now She Needs Your Help | Milaap
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Naheeda’s Husband Abandoned Her and The Children When She Began To Fight Cancer, And Now She Needs Your Help

"When everyone comes together to save a person suffering from cancer, my sister’s husband was the first to bolt when she was diagnosed. Now she is fighting to stay alive to support her children."
Naheeda is a single mother of two children. Her husband left her 4 years ago when a chronic back pain turned out to be cancer. Naheeda’s parents and brother fought alongside her until she recovered. For 3 years, this mother thought the worst was behind her. Now, cancer has relapsed, and she needs all the help she can get to survive this time.

When low back pain turned to cancer, her husband left her

4 years ago, Naheeda began complaining of severe low back pain. She used to do all the chores around the house. So, she thought it was the physical stress. At one point, she could not walk or even stand up. She begged her husband to take her to the doctor. They visited one orthopedic after another. A scan revealed that she had cancer.

“As soon as the diagnosis came in, her husband left her. He said. ‘All my money will go in your treatment. I cannot support all this.’ He abandoned his own children and did not care that she was fighting a deadly disease. He even got remarried. My parents, our relatives and I pooled everything we had to fund surgery and chemo to make sure she beat the disease.”

She thought the fight was over and 3 years later she had a relapse

It took a year, but Naheeda’s life came back to normal. She was taking medicines but she could get back on her feet, and be the mother her children always remember. She could not go to work, so her brother supported her family. 2 months ago, she noticed a pimple. Within weeks it grew so big that she rushed back to the doctor.

“We were terrified when they said it was a relapse. This time chemotherapy alone cannot save her. She needs a bone marrow transplant. Her daughter (12) and son (16) are always by her bedside when not at school. My wife and child, our parents, are always trying to give her hope that she will make it. The problem is, even if we pool all resources, we can only arrange Rs. 2 Lakhs for her treatment.”

He protected his sister during the worst of times and now he needs your help

Mohammed, Naheeda’s brother, has been her rock for the past 4 years. He works as a driver for Rs. 15,000/month. With this, he supports a family of 8 that includes education for 3 children, and Naheeda’s medical bills. He managed to pay Rs. 5L the first time Naheeda fought cancer, but Rs. 12 Lakhs for bone marrow transplant is out of his affordability.

How can you help

Although the family has received Rs 2 Lakhs via CM fund and Rs. 1.5 Lakh in loans from relatives, they still need more to save Naheeda’s life. Her children are dependent on her, and she wants to prove to herself that she can make it even after she was abandoned.

Your support can help this woman stop struggling and start living. 

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