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Alex Has Fought Against The Dreadful Cancer Twice, Now He Might Succumb To It Without An Urgent Surgery

Despite battling severe blood cancer for the third time, my 19-year-old son Alex is brimming with hopes and dreams about his future. He is sure that he will become a bank manager one day. His hopes were always bigger than dreadful cancer but now it is slowly taking over his body, aggressively day by day.

Alex was born healthy. When he was 4 years-old, he complained of a sharp pain in his legs. He could not walk properly and developed a high fever. We took him to many doctors, but they were not able to tell us what was wrong. Finally, a bone marrow test revealed that he has blood cancer. He was only 4 when his battle for life started and it still continues.

We had to start chemotherapy immediately and the hospital was 250 km away. My husband Boban and I, along with Alex moved to Thiruvananthapuram from our hometown Adimali, leaving our 3-year-old daughter with her grandma. Alex used to go to school like a normal child. High dosage medicines, pain and the fatigue did not take his willpower to live. He was always pleasant despite his grave illness. 

Alex was in class 7 and had undergone two years of treatment already. We believed that he was completely cured. We had plans of shifting back to our hometown as frequent tests showed that he was fine. Suddenly, he complained of the same sharp pain in his legs and was not able to move. The nightmares began again, he had a cancer relapse.

We were devasted beyond words, but to our surprise, Alex stayed strong. His only concern was his studies. The only time he feels sad and frustrated is when he misses his classes. Despite our financial struggles and mental trauma, we made sure he went to school every day.

We had exhausted all our savings by then. My husband had a small family-owned business which he had to give up because of constantly being on the run to get Alex treated. He even suffered a stroke in between, which robbed away all his hopes and strength. We even sold our ancestral home as the expenses were staggering. We had to take a house for rent, get expensive medicines and take care of household expenses on our meager savings.

 We could bear anything but staying away from our daughter was very hard. She has been living with her grandparents ever since Alex’s diagnosis. I have never been able to take care of one child because the other was going through a life-and-death situation. It is the worst thing a mother can do – choosing between her children. 

Following treatment after the second relapse, cancer seemed to have disappeared from his life. Alex had scored 80% in his class 10 and 11. We were elated as he seemed healthy and happy. As usual, our happiness was not bound to last longer. Many years of his life had been filled with pain and stress, but he has focused on his interests all along. He had just entered class 12 when he got sick again.

 I broke down terribly when the doctor told me the bitter truth of relapse. It was my son who calmed me down. He was hopeful that he can beat it again as he always did. It is his hope that makes it possible for us to survive.

Despite his pain, Alex is the one who consoles his grieving mother

How you can help

Alex is currently undergoing advanced chemotherapy. He needs a stem cell transplant to recover completely.  His 18-year-old sister is a match and the doctors say that this surgery has to be conducted at the earliest or Alex will not survive. The chemo is slowing down his body, but not his spirit. His parents, Moli and Boban have given away everything that they had and have even taken loans to pay for his treatment. They cannot afford this expensive surgery.

Your small contribution can help Alex to live his life!

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