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Baby Aarav Has Been On Ventilator Ever Since He Was Born And Now Needs Our Help To Survive

Aarav is barely 3 months old. But instead of being cosseted by his adoring parents and discovering his new world, he is fighting just to breathe. In fact, soon after birth, Aarav was diagnosed with a severe sepsis and multiple stomach ailments. He has been on a ventilator for 40 days now and his parents, Meenakshi and Rakesh are struggling to bring their first and only child home. 

Aarav has suffered too much at this young age

Meenakshi and Rakesh could not have asked for more when their first child was born. The day they took their baby home was one of their happiest days as a family. The baby kept them on their toes. But when he was just 1-month-old the trouble started. He began vomiting and started severe loose motions. They rushed him to a hospital in Rohtak.

"When you're happy, you don't think about things that can go wrong. What happened with Aarav has broken both emotionally and financially. We called and ambulance and rushed him to the nearest hospital. They put him in the ICU. Even after a few days, he didn't get better and the doctors said that they couldn't help us," said the father. 

"We thought we lost our baby"

Unwilling to give up, the family decided to move him to a hospital in Delhi. While the family was moving Aarav to Gangaram Hospital in Delhi in the ambulance, his heartbeat suddenly dropped to 70.

"I broke down seeing my baby that way. In that moment, I had given up all hopes of ever again getting to take my baby in my arms and hear him gurgle. I felt like this was the end, and Meenakshi seemed frozen. I suppose neither of us could process what was happening", said Rakesh.

Luckily, Aarav reached hospital safely and his condition was brought under control swiftly.  He was still on the ventilator, but he was reviving. As of now, Aarav is out of the ventilator and is expected to recover, provided that his condition is closely monitored.

How can you help?

Meenakshi and Rakesh are struggling to make ends meet. Rakesh works as a salesperson for a private firm and Meenakshi is a housewife. The couple is finding it difficult to arrange for the funds required to save the little one's life. They have exhausted their savings to pay Rs 3 lakhs so far and still have an outstanding bill. 

Having to stay Delhi for treatment for last 40 days, Rakesh had to leave work and currently he has no source of income. The total cost of treatment is estimated to be Rs 7 lakhs and these young parents need your help to get through this tough time.

Aarav came into this world suffering, but with your help, he can live without pain. Contribute now and save his life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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