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3-Year-Old's Parents Have Only Few Days To Save Him From A Failing Heart

Poonam looks at little kids in her neighbourhood going to school and wonders when her son, Yuvraj will be able to do the same.
“He is already 3 but doesn’t have the normal life of a 3-year-old, you know. We are always worried for him. He takes 2 steps and sits down, tired, huffing. Sometimes, he even turns blue. A little change in weather and he has a fever. The fever goes on for days. He is 3 but hardly growing,” says a worried Poonam. 

Her son has a rare heart disease that needs immediate attention. Poonam and her husband, Vipin, don’t have much time left - Yuvraj needs a heart surgery urgently.

He fell unconscious that day, we thought we had lost him

Yuvraj was 6 months old when his parents noticed his laboured breathing. They noticed that he was too weak to even feed. They knew it was not normal.
“Doctors told us that medicines would make him better but it didn’t. When he was 2, he fainted one day. We thought it was the end,” - Poonam. 

Yuvraj was rushed into surgery then. Vipin and Poonam thought that this would cure him. Yuvraj was fine too for a year. But only a few weeks ago, his condition started worsening. A visit to the doctor has confirmed that Yuvraj needs another surgery.

Time is running out for baby Yuvraj - you can help him

Vipin works in a private company in Delhi and makes just about enough to support his family. He hardly has any savings and since the last few years, a large portion of his salary is being spent on Yuvraj’s treatment.
“I have already spent over 2 lakhs. I have borrowed from all those who could lend me. There is already so much debt. But I look at my son and realise that he doesn’t have much time. I can’t afford to lose him. I need your help, please,”- Vipin, father. 

Vipin is calling up everyone he knows, he is frantically searching for help. His son needs the surgery as soon as possible. Only your help can save 3-year-old Yuvraj now.

A generous contribution from your side can save this 3-year-old's life 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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