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This Mother Only Has A Few Days Left To Save Her Son From Cancer

 His cancer is too advanced. He may only have days left.
If he doesn’t resume treatment immediately... your son will not make it. 

The doctor's words have been ringing in Maya's head. All alone in a strange city with her two-year-old, this poor mother is terrified and desperate. Little Vishal is dying in her arms, and there's nothing she can do about it in time, there's no way she can save his life on her own.

Little Vishal had been a sickly child from birth, but things started taking a turn for the worse this February, when a strong fever gripped him for nearly a month. His worried parents followed their local doctor’s prescriptions religiously, and were glad when they saw their son finally rid of the fever. But after a month of normalcy, it came back in April.

“The doctors there kept saying it may be malaria, or some other kind of bacterial infection. But April became May, then June. None of the medicines were working; instead, Vishal kept getting weaker. It was in July that we finally discovered he was dying of blood cancer...

Vishal constantly bleeds from his mouth, due to an infection caused by his cancer

He’s sicker than ever; she's terrified she won’t get to take him home alive

"Our doctor suggested we take him to Delhi immediately. My husband stayed behind to try and arrange money and to take care of our daughters, and I brought Vishal here by myself. I had hoped and prayed that his recovery would be easy and as pain-free as possible, but for nearly four months now I’ve been watching him get more and more sick instead. At first he could still at least walk and talk. But then he started getting constant infections and now he doesn’t have the energy to even sit up in bed, to even cry! An infection in his mouth is so bad it made a hole there, through which I can see bone! I just want my son’s suffering to stop, but we can’t afford his treatment...”

Maya often took Vishal to temples before he fell sick, to thank God for blessing her with him

He was her miracle baby, and now he’s dying

Vishal was born to Maya and her husband nearly 8 years after her previous child, a daughter. By then she had come to believe she’d never have a child again, a thought that brought her great sorrow and many tear-filled nights. So when Vishal entered her world, he was her miracle baby. She had been simply unable to take her eyes off of him after the nurse cleaned him off and handed him to her for the first time.
Through all the happy tears that day, this mother never thought she may have to say goodbye to her baby just two years later.

This baby may only have days left, but his mother can't save him

“I’m a homemaker, and my husband’s a private employee. With what money we were able to arrange, almost entirely through loans, I got his chemotherapy started. But then his infections became so severe that he needed frequent ICU stay, and before I knew it all our money was gone and his treatment stopped. When I first came here, I stayed in a rented room near the hospital. Now a charitable shelter is the only roof over my head, and if it wasn't for their kindness I could starve to death as well! We have nothing left, and if Vishal’s treatment doesn’t continue, I’ll lose him too... Please help me save my son’s life...”

Patient Vishal Tripathi is 2 years old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Apollo Hospital and Maternity Center, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia

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