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Cancer Ward Is Now Home For This 8-Year-Old Who Needs Urgent Treatment To Fight The Disease

"He is supposed to be in 4th grade now but he missed 2 years of school because of cancer. He had to start with 2nd grade and his classmates made fun of him thinking that he had failed in his exams. This upset him a lot, so we put him in a different school. He started liking his new school, he made new friends too. Just when we thought he can also have a normal life like other kids, he got cancer again. He does not know that he'll be confined to the hospital again for the next 2 years." - Chitra, Mother

Those 2 years were a living hell for all of us, I still shiver when I think of the cancer ward

In 2016, one morning, when Chitra was giving Vijay a bath, she noticed a lump in his testicles. She thought it might heal but when Vijay came back from the school in the evening it had swollen double the size and she was terrified. She rushed him to the hospital and the tests confirmed that he has testicular cancer and he had to start with chemo immediately.

"We do not have a family history of cancer, I have heard about blood cancer in the movies, I was shocked when doctors explained that he has got cancer in his testicles. Since then every day was a struggle. We saw some children recover and go back home but there were also some who couldn't make it.  He watched everything and begged us to take him back home." - Chitra

Vijay with his parents after he came back home

He got cancer again and this time it is more dangerous than before

After two years of treatment, Vijay got fully cured. However, the doctors had warned the parents to look out for signs of relapse. Just after a year, his left testicle got swollen and his parents knew that it was cancer and they were shattered beyond words. Now he needs intensive chemo for the next 8 months, followed by maintenance chemo for the next 2 years.

" He starts crying just at the sight of the hospital. He refuses to come there even for general check up. But now the cancer ward will be his home for the next 2 years. He was so happy going to his new school, he used to come and tell us all that had happened in his class. Now all I hear are his cries." - Chitra

I still haven't paid the money I borrowed earlier, how can I arrange for 8 lakh more?

Illayaraja is a daily wager, he works in farm and earns around Rs 5000 per month. He has already spent 2 lakh for the treatment by borrowing from his friends and relatives and he hasn't been able to repay them yet. He needs 8 lakhs to continue the treatment without which he will lose his son to the deadly cancer. His wife is taking care of Vijay in the hospital, while he struggles with all the odd jobs to get extra income but nothing seems to be enough. He is desperately waiting for your help.

8-year-old Vijay is confined to the hospital for the next 2 years but he can beat cancer and live a normal life that he is longing for with your help

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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