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These Parents’ Hopes Have Been Crushed By Deadly Blood Disorder Claiming Their Child’s Life

“He’s usually very active and enthusiastic, but when the time comes to take him to the hospital for his regular transfusions, he becomes dull and agitated. He’s too small to understand what’s happening to him, but being at the hospital - it only holds painful memories for him. Everytime he comes in for his treatment, he starts crying and begging us to take him home. He’s tired of it all. Now, when there is finally a chance to rid him of all this suffering, we are failing to save him.” - Meena Kumari, mother

Only months after his birth, he ran high fever and his skin turned pale

4-year-old Vidhuvanth has been suffering from thalassemia, a blood disorder, since he was only an infant. 6 months after his birth, his parents had taken notice of some strange symptoms that he had been displaying, which was a cause for worry. He had recurring fever that lasted for days, and his skin had begun to pale. Then, his stomach also started to swell up.

“We first took him to a local hospital, but since they weren’t well equipped, we had to approach a bigger hospital, some 18 kms away from where we lived. There they ran several tests, including some blood work, that confirmed that my baby had a blood disorder. They told us he would need blood transfusions every month or so, else we could lose him.” - Sapthagiri, father

Vidhuvanth with his older sister (L)

He’s made it through thus far only with regular blood transfusions

Thalassemia is a blood disorder that causes reduced production of hemoglobin, an oxygen carrying protein in the blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to cells throughout the body. So, low-levels of hemoglobin would lead to lack of oxygen in many parts of the body. Vidhuvanth was diagnosed with beta thalassemia major, a severe form of the disorder.

Over the past 3 years, only monthly blood transfusions have kept little Vidhuvanth alive. However, that alone will not save him. The blood transfusions have helped him survive all this while, but it isn’t feasible for him in the long run. The iron overload in his blood from his transfusions could have adverse effects on other organs in his body, in the long run. What he needs as curative treatment, is a bone marrow transplant - and he needs it urgently.

His parents cannot afford his expensive treatment, they need your help

Sapthagiri is an electrician and does private electrical work that earns him anywhere between INR 10,000 to INR 12,000 a month. But the family has struggled a lot these past few months. With the pandemic halting any and every work opportunity, Sapthagiri exhausted all his savings in sustaining his family, while also getting his son treated.

After being told that the only way to save their child is bone marrow transplant, these parents were devastated to learn it was way beyond their budget. They enquired about the procedure in several different hospitals, all that stated a hefty price. They’ve spent everything they had on their son’s treatment, all these years. Now they are beginning to lose hope, and only you can strengthen their faith with your kindness and generosity.

“It has been so difficult for us these last few years. Ever since we learned of our child's condition, we’ve gone to great lengths to keep his treatment going. We’ve taken loans from financial institutions, mortgaged my wife’s gold and even borrowed from friends and relatives. Yet, it is nowhere close to the amount we need for his transplant. 27 lakhs is an amount I can only dream about. How in the world will I save my son, when I have no money?” - Sapthagiri

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Patient Vidhuvanth is 4 years old, living in Erode, Tamil Nadu
Being treated in Global Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Thalassemia

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