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This Coolie Needs Your Help To Get His Son A Life-Saving Transplant

“My son never had a normal childhood or teenage. He is 16 years old now but all he remembers about his life so far is hospital visits and blood transfusions. Being poor has made me helpless and a mute spectator to his suffering. Now, I am at the verge of losing him because of my incapibity to afford the cure..” – Bhukya Ramu, Father

Bhukya Venu Gopal does not look like other boys his age, as his growth has been affected by his health condition. He suffers from Thalassemia Major, an inherited blood disorder characterized by less oxygen-carrying protein (hemoglobin) and fewer red blood cells in the body than normal.

He turned pale and weak and cried constantly 

“As a baby, he used to cry a lot due to body pain and weakness, but we were not aware that he had such a fatal disorder. We thought he might be having stomach pain or headache. When he was hospitalized due to high fever, the doctors ran few blood tests seeing his extremely pale body. That was when we heard about such a blood disease for the first time in our lives.” – Bhukya Balamma, Mother

Thalassemia causes extreme weakness, fatigue, paleness and slow growth. Venu has to undergo blood transfusion every 15 days without fail. Even the slightest delay makes him very weak and bedridden.  

He watched helplessly as his son fought this battle  

“In a month, the blood transfusions alone costs INR 15000 excluding the travel charges and other medical expenses. Imagine a coolie like me earning 200-300 Rupees a day trying to afford such expenses. It is not even enough for his regular medicines. Now, my son needs to undergo bone marrow transplant before he turns older, as his stunted growth can have adverse side affects if not treated immediately." -Bhukya Ramu

Venu's elder sister is a 100% HLA-matched donor. The cost for the transplant is expected to be around INR 18 lakh, which is an unimaginable amount for the father to afford. He has already exhausted all his assets, savings and financial sources for the medical expenses till now.  

Without your help, it is impossible for Ramu to save his son. Venu Gopal can only recover with your generous contributions, which will allow him to undergo bone marrow transplant. Click here to donate.  
Patient Bhukya Venu Gopal is 17 years old, living in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Being treated in Dr. Rela Institute & Medical Centre - Multispeciality Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Receiving Bone Marrow Transplant treatment for Thalassemia

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