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7-Month-Old With Yellowing Eyes Has Only 30 Days To Get a Life-Saving Liver Transplant

Seema and Shantanu Tiwari had been counting down the days to when they would get to meet their baby boy. But little did they know that the months after his birth would be no less than a living hell for the new family. Baby Vasu was born with a damaged liver that has caused his stomach to bulge and eyes to turn a garish shade of yellow.

Despite the numerous medicines given to him, his condition continued to deteriorate. Now this 7-month-old’s only hope at life is a liver transplant, which he needs to undergo within this month, or his life will be in grave danger. But without the resources to afford this procedure, his parents are struggling to save him.

What they thought was Jaundice, turned out to be liver disease

When Vasu was born in November, last year, his parents noticed that the whites of his eyes had turned yellow. The doctor wrote it off as Jaundice, which is common among newborns, and he underwent phototherapy for 4 days. But that did little to nothing to improve his condition.

“At first the medicines he was given worked and he recovered well. We were really relieved thinking it wasn’t anything serious. But only days later, the Jaundice came back and his eyes turned yellow again. This time even the medicines weren’t working, and we started to get very worried. We went from one hospital to another, until our baby had to undergo a painful FibroScan that confirmed that his liver was damaged and he needed immediate medical intervention or we could lose him. No one is ever prepared to hear that their child is dying...” - Shantanu, father

His liver is damaged beyond repair, only a liver transplant can save him

Baby Vasu was diagnosed to have Extrahepatic Biliary Atresia, where the bile carrying duct in his body is partially or fully absent, obstructing the flow of bile from the liver to the gall bladder. He also suffers from decompensated liver disease, which means his liver is damaged beyond repair. He needs a liver transplant as soon as possible, or he could succumb to this dreadful disease.

They suspected a liver condition during her pregnancy

“While I was about 8 months along in my pregnancy, I would often feel itchiness in my hands and feet. When I brought it up at my monthly prenatal appointment, the obstetrician suspected a liver condition. At the time, it was difficult to determine if it was me or the baby. I was advised to come in for a thorough check-up, but I went into labour only a few days later.” - Seema, mother

Having spent all he had, he is left with nothing for his baby’s treatment

For months after his baby’s diagnosis, Shantanu spent every waking moment researching hospitals across the country that could operate on his baby. Every time he made headway, the estimated cost that doctors would mention to him, would make him go weak in the knees. Yet, he didn’t let that deter him in his fight to save his only child. Vasu’s treatment was pushed back by a few months due to Covid-19, and any more delay could endanger his life. He needs that liver transplant at the earliest.  

“I am only a small government employee. I have spent about 7 lakhs on Vasu’s treatment so far. I have exhausted everything I saved up for my child. I even borrowed from friends and relatives, sold my land and my wife’s ornaments. But it is still far from the 20 lakhs I will need for Vasu’s liver transplant. Our baby is our everything, and now life threatens to take him away from us. I did everything I was capable of doing, but I can’t save him on my own. Please help me..” - Shantanu

You are Seema and Shantanu’s only hope. Only you can make this transplant happen and save their only child. Your contribution will give Vasu a chance to live a healthy and long life. Click here to donate.
Patient Vasu Tiwari is 7 months old, living in New Delhi, Delhi
Being treated in Sri Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi, Delhi

Receiving Liver Transplant treatment for Chronic Liver Disease

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