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6-Year-Old Bravely Fought Cancer Once And Survived, Now A Relapse Threatens His Life Again

“He would run a recurrent high fever and it filled me with this dreadful sense of deja vu, when even 15 days later, it wouldn’t subside. I checked for any other signs, and I realised his gums were quite pale too. It was as if he had no blood in his body. I knew exactly what had caused it, and the doctors words confirmed that my worst fears had come to life” - Ravindra, father

His cancer relapsed after being in remission for 2 years

Vamshith was only 2 years old when he was first diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer. The little boy fought a hard battle, undergoing intensive chemotherapy and supportive care for over 2 years and was eventually declared cancer-free.

To his parents' relief, he’d survived the worst and the disease had been in remission for the past 2 years. All his blood reports also came back clean and they were appeased that their child would be able to live a long and healthy life. Until a month ago, when they
 found out that the 6-year-old’s cancer had relapsed, and his condition is more serious than before.

He needs high-dose chemotherapy to beat cancer again

“I never expected that such a thing could happen. I’d never considered the possibility of his cancer relapsing.The doctor explained to us that at least 3 in every 10 patients tend to have relapses, and there is no telling when or how it could happen.He needs high-dose chemotherapy and supportive treatment to beat cancer again. Just the thought of my son having to endure such suffering again just breaks my heart.” - Susheela, mother

B-cell ALL is a form of cancer that affects the B-cells and T-cells in the immune system, compromising its function of protecting the body from infections. It starts in the bone marrow, where new blood cells grow. The leukemia cells grow at a rapid pace and obstruct the bone marrow from making enough normal cells.

With all their resources exhausted, they are struggling to save their son

Ravindra is a daily wager at construction sites and does mortar work. His income, although meagre, has been sufficient to support his family. But with his son’s hospital bills piling up, he’s used up everything he had and even borrowed from friends to start Vamshith’s treatment. 

Ravindra is still repaying the money he had borrowed 4 years ago when his son was first diagnosed, and also paying off a home loan. Susheela, on the other hand, is a housewife. A few years ago, she hurt her eye and arm in a bike accident and now suffers from slight vision impairment. 

“Adding to all this, I was also recently diagnosed with kidney stones in both my kidneys. The doctors said they are rather large and I need surgery to remove them. But I can’t even think about getting myself treated, when my son is fighting for his life. I even stopped going to work, because my son needs me right now. In this state, where in the world will I get 10 lakh rupees from?” - Ravindra

Ravindra and Susheela are in a difficult predicament now. Their little boy is caught in a deadly battle between life and death, and they can’t do anything but watch helplessly. They need your help. Your contribution can save little Vamshith’s life. Click here to donate.
Patient Vamshith is 6 years old, living in Kundapura, Karnataka
Being treated in kasturba medical college, Manipal, Karnataka

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia

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