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This Husband Will Do Anything To Save His Wife Whose Entire Body Was Burnt In A Fire

“Sundays are always family time for us. That Sunday too, Vaishali and I took our daughter Anaira to the market. When we came back, I was playing with Anaira in the room when I heard a loud, painful scream. It was Vaishali. I ran to the hall, she came running out of the kitchen. Her whole body was on fire! She was frantically calling out to me…I quickly covered her with a blanket. But the damage was already done. My wife’s face and body were completely burnt. Anaira sat crying in the room.” – Shailendra, father

Even in unimaginable pain, all she thinks about is her little daughter

Vaishali is everyone’s favourite. She’s the person you would go to if you needed a warm hug or a quick pep talk – her smile, her kind words were enough to make you feel better. Even now, as she lays in the hospital bed, her face and arms covered in bandages, she tells her family that everything will be okay. But Vaishali has one weakness – her daughter.

“She misses her the most. She’s a mother…and even when she’s in pain all she worries about is whether Anaira has eaten. But Anaira doesn’t eat without her, she cries for her mother…she’s only 2.”

Her clothes got stuck to her skin during the fire – the wounds are deep

Shailendra rushed Vaishali to the hospital on Sunday night. A gas leak in the kitchen has now left her with 75% burns on her body and face. Vaishali’s ever smiling face has now changed forever. Her spirit, however, isn’t crushed.

“There are good days and bad. The clothes she was wearing when this happened stuck to her skin. There are days when she bleeds so much when they’re doing the dressing. It’s so difficult to watch, but I hold her hand through it all. Then there are days when she even gets up from the bed on her own.”

But Vaishali has a long way to go before she can go back home to her little daughter. She needs dressing and grafting surgery every week for the next 2 months.

Her husband hasn’t left her side

It’s been nearly two months since that fateful day and Shailendra hasn’t left his wife’s side. Everything else is at a standstill. He rarely gets to go for work anymore. Shailendra has spent nearly 6 lakhs on Vaishali’s treatment so far. That’s everything he could get from friends and family. Now he has nothing.

This young mother can go home with your help

Vaishali has fought hard. With her family by her side, she has managed to come this far, but now she needs your help – to get treated and to go back home to her daughter. She needs treatment for the next 2 months to survive this terrible accident. Her daughter is waiting for her.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.
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