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Helpless Mother Who Travelled All Alone With Sick Baby In Hand Struggles To Save Her

“I have never even gone to another house without my parents or my husband, but now I had to come to another city all by myself. My baby was becoming breathless with every passing day and doctors in Lucknow had clearly told me that they can’t save her. I had no choice but to catch the next train to Delhi with her, it was the only way to keep her alive – but I don’t have a paisa with me. Without an urgent surgery, she will die and I have nobody to help me,”-Mala, mother.

Despite undergoing a surgery, Baby Vagmi’s heart is still giving up on her

Baby Vagmi was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when at just 3 months of age. She has a condition in which there’s no regular blood flow from her heart to her lungs, making it extremely difficult for her to breathe. She was in the ICU for many days due to her oxygen levels dropping rapidly and already underwent an emergency surgery then, but she needs one more to survive.

“We thought she would grow up to be fine after the first surgery – she was even fine for a few months after it – playing and being active like a regular baby. But soon, she started gasping for air again. Her heart beat became more rapid and whenever I tried to give her a bath, her whole body turned blue! Last week, she got severe cough and cold and it reminded me of the days she was so sick as a baby. Now she hardly eats anything and cries all night,”- Mala

‘I sleep on the floors when vacant beds are not available’ 

“I came with no money in my hand. My purse is empty, it only contains photos of my family and a few coins. I cannot afford to take a room in the hospital so if visitor beds are not vacant I have to sleep on the floor. I don’t have money to buy food – if somebody at the hospital offers something out of kindness, I eat it that’s all. But what is really worrying me is the condition of my baby – without a surgery in a few hours, she will not live. I don’t know what to do,”-Mala

Mala does not know anybody in Delhi. She has no relatives or friends who can help her with buying medicines, meeting the doctor or even to hold the baby for a minute. She has to do everything on her own. But this mother does not mind it – all she cares about is the welfare of her baby.

An old photo of Sanjeev with Baby Vagmi

This baby girl’s parents cannot afford her surgery and need your help urgently

Baby Vagmi’s father, Sanjeev, had to stay behind in Lucknow in order to take care of her twin brother Vinayak. Sanjeev used to be a Maths and Science teacher at a private school in Lucknow but he lost his job last year when Vagmi fell sick and he had to take many leaves to get her treated. Now, he takes private tuitions and the money he earns from it is only enough to cover his child’s medicine costs. He has to borrow to even buy groceries and household items. Mala is a housewife who is completely dependent on her husband. Circumstances forced her to take her baby all by herself to a strange city – and now she needs your help to save Vagmi.

With your kind contribution, this helpless mother can save her baby girl from heart failure 

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