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"Help! I Waited 15 Years To Have A Child And Now Only You Can Save My Newborn Twins"

Sujata always had one dream. To get married and be a mother. She thought that was her life's purpose. For 15 years, she prayed for a child. This year, Sujata got pregnant. On July 3rd when her husband called to discuss a baby shower (Seemantham), Sujata told him that she was in pain. That day when she was just 6 months pregnant, Sujata gave birth to twins. Born extremely premature, they are fighting for their lives. These parents fear their only dream may slip away in a blink.

"Some said she is cursed. Some said she does not deserve to have a child."

"Every day, when we went out to get rice or water, someone would walk up to us and ask us about planning for a child. They would give so much advise. Sometimes I was so embarrassed listening to it. She was depressed. I wanted to do anything I could to make her happy. When we ran out of money, I took loans. I knew this was the last chance. Now it is clear that this is our last chance to save them." - Balaji (Father)

Their marriage was arranged, and they eventually fell in love. Even though nobody is coming forward to help this couple in their time of need, family and friends were quick to judge Sujata for being childless. The pressure broke them and they started looking for options to conceive. For years, they tried IVF. The little savings they had and things they owned funded the treatment cycles that cost over Rs. 5 lakhs. It was disappointing every time the procedure failed. They had decided that this would be the last attempt.

"My husband could not be with me through the pregnancy."

It stunned the couple when the doctor congratulated them. They were going to have twins! Balaji's joy soon turned into anxiety. He knew he could somehow manage and raise one child with his daily wages. Two meant that he would have to work overtime and earn more within 9 months. He wanted to be financially stable before he met his children. But how could he wish that when he hardly got a job?

"I moved from Thiruvannamalai to Chennai. I stayed in a hostel close to the hospital. Because I needed to continue treatment. We could not pay rent, so my mother came and started working as a cook in the hostel. In return, they let us stay for free. Now also I stay in the hostel. I am next to my babies all day long in the morning. And go back in the night when my husband stays with them." - Sujata (Mother)

"I was born a mother. I just needed a child." 

"Just now, the doctor came and told us that one of my sons is struggling to breathe. I saw them running in and out of the ICU. I don't understand what is happening. I can only touch their hands and feet. I cannot hold them. I know which of them is younger and older. I feel like they know that I am here. Today I see my sons struggling, and feel so helpless." - Sujata (Mother)

The twin boys are in the ICU with multiple complications from premature birth. One of them has severe respiratory distress. Both of them need to be on ventilators. They have neonatal jaundice, heart problems and yet, they are fighting together to survive. They can make it and live a long life. All they need is some help to stay in the ICU. This couple is contemplating moving the babies to a government hospital. However, without advanced facilities, the chances of survival will diminish.

You can save Sujata's twins

"We did not dream about being rich or even having a regular income. We just wanted a child. I had to sell every little thing I had to make it happen. It is ok for us to be poor. It is not ok that we lose our baby boys because we are poor. Because, we had a dream to be a family." - Sujata
For 15 years, they have felt incomplete. Today even as their dreams came true, the cannot be together. Your support can save Sujata's babies, and give them the only chance to be a family.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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