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Unwell Mother Begs To Be Reunited With Premature Twins Struggling To Breathe In The ICU

‘I don’t get to touch their wrinkled skin every day. I don’t get to hold them close to my chest either. But I know that they love me, just like I have loved them from the moment I conceived them. I have fallen ill after the delivery, but they have been fighting since they opened their eyes for the first time…I just want to take them home from the hospital and give them the best life”-Ruma Devi

I did not expect my sugar levels to shoot up so high that it would almost cost me my babies’ lives

From when I found out that I was going to be mother, I had been extra careful with everything; I never carried anything heavy and would always manage to take rest. My husband, Amit, always made sure that I was well looked after. Despite this, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my fourth month.

Amit started getting worried from that point on. It was like he always knew something would go wrong. We belong to a small town in Bihar, where good medical facilities are not available. Since Amit’s brother stayed in West Bengal, we decided to go there for better treatment. I was during one such check-up that my waters broke suddenly.

Even during the pain, I remember telling my husband – ‘Let anything happen to me, but please save our children’

An air of confusion overtook me. It was like I had lost control of my body completely. I knew I was going to give birth, because the pain was unbearable. I was preparing to endure labour pains all through my pregnancy, but this was unexpected. No mother ever thinks that she would give birth in the 6th month. I kept telling my husband that he shouldn’t let our children die – even if he had to trade my life for it.

My twin angels were born alive, but with severe respiratory distress and low birth weight

When I opened my eyes after what seemed like forever, I learnt from a nurse that my children were alive. I was overwhelmed with happiness. But when she told me that they still have a long road to recovery ahead of them, anxiety started taking over me. I held their weak fingers and swore to myself that i would do anything to save them.

My husband had to discharge me early because of lack of funds, but I was okay with it because my children’s lives were all that mattered to me

Amit told me, “Ruma, I know you’re still recovering, but I don’t have money to keep you in the hospital for long. We need to save every paisa we have for our children.” I agreed immediately because I was living for my children. Their small faces, tiny hands and legs, their feeble cries…only these mattered now.

My health has worsened now, but I still hope one day I will be reunited with my babies

My husband has to travel a good 10 km from the place we stay to the hospital just to transport some breastmilk for the babies. I am not able to eat good food as new mothers are supposed to, and that has taken a toll on my health. All I pray for now is my babies’ health. They are very weak. They were not supposed to come into this world so early, but now that they have, I want to save them.

How you can help

Ruma Devi’s husband, Amit used to work in a pharmacy in Bihar, but he has lost his job now because of the babies’ premature delivery and complications. He managed to arrange Rs 4 lakhs by borrowing from relatives, and he has nothing left to save his children.

Your support can ensure that these premature twin babies are reunited with their mother soon

Supporting document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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