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I Thought God Had Finally Answered Our Prayers, But Now We Could Lose Our Twins

“I used to feel, as a woman, if I can’t be a mother then there was no reason to live. I could hear being talked about amongst my relatives and neighbours about how I am just a burden to Samir. It took me another 4 years to convince him to try out IVF because even if there was a 1 percent chance, I was ready to take it. There are no words that could fill our void of 9 years, but when I got pregnant with twins I felt that finally God answered our prayers.” - Mousumi, mother

After years of pain and longing, they were told they can become parents

After getting all the tests done, Mousumi’s Ultrasound reports showed Stage 4 chocolate cysts in her ovaries which could be fatal. All these cysts were the reason why she could not get pregnant since years. In 2014, Mousumi underwent a surgery to remove them but she still has some of it inside her. That is when the doctors told her about IVF treatment and how they can still become parents.  

“At that time, I had nothing on my mind except seeing my wife happy and healthy again because I didn’t want to risk her life by making her go through more pain. But even after she started recovering, I could see she was still not happy. The doctors had warned us that given Mousumi’s medical history even IVF may be a failure but Mousumi did not want to hear anything else after she got to know that she could still become a mother.” - Samir, husband

Even after conceiving twins, Mousumi's plight did not end here

The post IVF phase was not easy for Mousumi as she had to undergo a lot of health complications during her pregnancy. Her medical condition made it risky to keep the babies inside her womb for more than 32 weeks. Due to the premature delivery, she is still not stable and admitted in the hospital. For a week after her caesarean, she had to live on just a few sips of water.

A daily wage labourer, Samir does not know how to get 3 lakhs to save his twin babies

Samir works as a daily wage labourer earning Rs. 175 per day. Some days he has work while some days he does not. Just in a week, they have spent about 1 lakh on their treatment. He had already borrowed about Rs.80,000 from their relatives for Mousumi’s surgery in 2014 and he hasn't been able to repay them till now. To keep their babies in the NICU, he needs about Rs.3 lakhs more which is just impossible for him.

Mousumi can only spend about 30 to 40 minutes with her babies a day because she is herself so weak. She needs support to even pick up her babies as her hands start shivering.

“I don’t care if anything happens to me now but I only pray my babies survive anyhow. I cannot see them in this condition anymore with tubes in their mouths. No one in our family has even seen my babies till now. My other baby is even more weaker and doctors have been telling us that they will try their best to save him. I feel so scared because after 9 years when happiness finally came in my hands, it can be snatched away from me anytime now.” - Mousumi

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