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She Paints A Happy Future For Herself, But She May Never Have One Without Help

‘Bapi, Bapi’ - I miss Tithi calling me that. My day does not start without those words. Every day I look forward to her little demands of food or sweets. It’s been days now and all I’ve been hearing is her screaming in pain ‘Bapi! Bapi stop this please...’
- Joydeb, father

Joydeb earns a modest amount of Rs.6,000 monthly from the tea stall that he sets up outside a village school. Even though it is not much, for them it was enough. But ever since Tithi got detected with a pancreatic infection, they have been begging every household they know of, just to arrange money for her treatment.

Little Tithi who was eagerly waiting for Bhai Phonta (Bhai Dooj) to be with her brother, is now critical in PICU

“Tithi loves her brother, Sanu, so much and ever since he went to search for work in the city, she has been missing him. Every day she comes up with a drawing - sometimes she draws herself being at home, healthy and happy... and it melts our hearts. She even sent this card to her dada (brother) last week as he was not going to be here for Bhai Phonta. But now he is coming in time for the festival, only to see his little sister in the hospital like this.” - Soma, mother

Tithi made this card for her brother Sanu for Bhai Phonta

Tithi’s stomach area is swelling more and more each day. Her mother has to keep rubbing it all day for little Tithi to bear the pain, as the injections relieve her of it only for a short time. The amount this couple needs to save their little Tithi, Rs. 3.5 lakhs, is something they can't even dream of affording on their own. They have calculated that even if they sell everything they have, they will still not get more than a lakh rupees

Tithi making drawings of stories that Joydeb recites every night 

“I call my baby girl Manu. Every night before going to bed, I read out a story to Tithi about ‘Bapi and Manu’ which revolves around us both. I’m her Bapi and she is my Manu. She makes a drawing out of it then and we both colour it. My life revolves around Tithi. We are just inseparable. Whenever Tithi doesn’t have school she comes to my tea stall instead of playing with kids of her age. Now look at her not replying to me even when I keep calling out her name…” - Joydeb, father 

Joydeb is trying to sell his land but in vain as nobody is ready to buy a barren piece of land

He has already spent Rs. 2.3 lakhs on Tithi’s treatment with the help of his savings and loans. Now he has nowhere to go for help. Since last week his friend has been helping him out by opening his tea shop once in the morning but that is not enough to pay for Tithi’s daily medicines even.

Please help Tithi to get well soon as Joydeb and Soma have nowhere else to go for help now but us. They just want their little girl to come home soon but that will not be possible until they can arrange Rs. 3.5 lakhs more. Let us all come forward to help them out. 
Patient Tithi Das is 11 years old, living in Kolkata, West Bengal
Being treated by Dr. Saugata Acharya in The Calcutta Medical Research Institute, Kolkata, West Bengal

Receiving PICU treatment for Pancreatic infection

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