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My Daughter's Only Wish Is To Live, Please Help Me Save Her From A Disease That Can Kill Her

No one knows the helplessness of a father as much as Mithun Mian feels it every day. He wakes up every morning not knowing if he will see his 14-year-old daughter, Tinni, alive. He doesn’t leave for his job till he sees her wake up, checks if she is bleeding from her nose or ears. And then if everything seems normal, Mithun leaves for work with a heavy heart. 

His daughter has Aplastic Anemia and needs an urgent bone marrow transplant. But Mithun was forced to stop Tinni’s treatment - he had no money to afford it. 

She folds her arms and begs me to save her

2 years ago, when Tinni became unconscious and fell down from her bicycle in front of her house, Mithun and his wife, Muslina were worried. However, they didn’t know these were the tell tale signs of a dangerous blood disease. Tinni’s body has stopped producing new blood cells.


“She can’t even sit up for 5 minutes, she is so weak. Her pale skin, her tired eyes breaks my heart. She doesn’t look like my happy and cheerful Tinni at all. She mostly keeps to herself. But sometimes, when her pain is too much, she folds her hands in front of me - begging me to save her,” - Mithun.

Her well-wishers have kept her alive so far but now even that is not enough

Tinni is a good student who is loved by all - her teachers, her friends. So when they got to know about her illness, everyone in the neighbourhood and the school came forward to help her. They collected money and helped Mithun and Muslina to take her to CMC Vellore.
“The doctors here have told us that my daughter is running out of time. Previously, one blood transfusion in a month could keep her disease in check. Now even if we take her for three transfusions, her health doesn’t get better. She needs the transplant but it would cost me 14 lakhs. Where will I get so much money?

I don’t want to fail my daughter, please help me

Mithun is a driver in Tripura and makes decent money to support his family. But for the last two years, he has used up all his savings. Except for his house, there is nothing that he can call his own.  He is begging everyone he knows but arranging for 14 lakhs so soon is difficult for this father whose daughter is living on borrowed time. With your help, Tinni can come back home and live a healthy life.   

Tinni's 12-year-old brother is a matched donor. She can get cured with the transplant but the cost is too high for her father. A generous contribution from your side can give her a new life 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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