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This Mother Will Lose Her 10-Month-Old Baby Girl Without An Urgent Transplant In 5 Days

A month ago, she tried to take her first step. I was very proud and thought, very soon I’ll have to run behind her for everything. But, in less than a week she suffered fever and jaundice, which we expected to cure soon. Instead, it turns out that her liver is giving up on her, it is completely damaged and she needs to undergo liver transplant within 5 days. We sold the only piece of land we owned but with that money we are not even able to continue her treatment in the intensive care,” - Gayathri.

'She looks at me, cries in pain & all I am able to do is watch her suffer'

10-month-old baby Thanusree is diagnosed with chronic liver disease, a condition where scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue, which stops the liver from working normally. Tanushree’s liver is filled with unwanted fluid which damaged her liver completely and only a liver transplant within 5 days can save this little one’s life. Both the parents are ready to donate a part of their organ to save their daughter but they don’t have resources to afford the life-saving transplant.

"My baby only breathes with ventilator support. Jaundice has made her skin yellow in colour and high temperature is not allowing her to eat or drink milk properly. Her weakness and pain are only making it worse for her. We both try to cheer her up but we are unable to distract her from stomach pain," - Gayatri.

Gayathri and Shetty Jadhav with their daughter, before Thanusree's diagnosis.

‘I dreamt of having a baby girl and when I am blessed with one, death is haunting her’

“When I was pregnant for the first time, I wished to have a baby girl. But, I was blessed only on the third time. I shed tears of joy when I first took her in my arms. She was the pearl of not just my eyes but also of her elder brothers. She would try to run in her baby-walker to hug them when they return from the school. Now it hurts to see her cry day and night. She wants to go home to her brothers but how do I tell my little one that she may never be able to see them again?,” - Gayathri.

‘The fatal disease is killing her and I am unable to do anything’ 

Shetty Jadhav is a supervisor in a construction company and lives in Tandur, Telangana. With his income of Rs 12,000, he not only manages to run the house but also provides education to his children. Without an urgent transplant his daughter will soon not survive. He is desperately waiting for stranger's help to save his child.

Everything happened so quickly that I did not even get time to think what was happening.  I knocked on many doors for help but with the money I borrowed, I can’t even afford her medicines. Her PICU care alone costs 40,000 a day. The expenses are overwhelming. I am running out of time and the date of transplant is just a few days away,” - Shetty Jadhav.

Baby Thanusree can play with her brothers again if she undergoes a transplant within 5 days. Your kind contribution can save her life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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