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Taking Her Home Without A Transplant Will Kill This 8-Year-Old, She Needs Your Help Urgently

On June 4th, while everyone was celebrating Eid, Tasnim was in the hospital, unable to even open her eyes. Her life was sustained by IV fluids and ventilator support. Her parents were standing next to her helplessly crying, not able to come to terms with what had happened to their daughter. They were praying through the day for her recovery. Now, they have found out that a bone marrow transplant can save her life, but it is not within their means. They spend every minute in the fear of losing her.

The small changes in her body were signs of a deadly disease

Last month, Tasnim fell sick, her parents thought it was a normal fever. Over the days, slowly, she became very weak and pale. Her skin colour turned dark and she was losing her appetite. The local doctors asked them to take her to Delhi. She was so weak that they have to take a flight immediately and by then she couldn't even open her eyes. Her parents did not understand what was happening to her. After many tests, they found that she has Fanconi anemia, a deadly disease that mainly affects the bone marrow. It results in decreased production of all types of blood cells. Only a bone marrow transplant can help her survive.

"We thought all she needed were a few antibiotics but we were wrong. We were relieved only after she opened her eyes but she was too weak to say anything. She is extremely weak all the day, she becomes a little better after the blood transfusion but that doesn't last for a long time," - Tamrul, Mother

In just a few weeks, her life completely changed

Tasnim goes to the Madrassa in her hometown. She is very smart and was a little ball of energy before this disease took over her life. After she comes back from school, she narrates all that had happened in her class to her parents. She sings rhymes to her 4-year-old sister and was always occupied with one thing or the other. But in just a month's time, her life has turned upside down.

"She doesn't understand why she needs so many injections. She hardly speaks now but when she does, she begs us to take her home. Not a day used to go by where she didn't play with her friends but now she is almost bedridden with no energy for anything. We promised her that we'll take her back soon but we fear that we'll fail her," - Showkat

I have sold everything I had, there is nothing that I can do anymore

Showkat owns a little shop and earns Rs 5000 per month. When the local doctors suggested him to take Tasnim to Delhi for treatment, he sold his only piece of land and with that money he managed his flight tickets, tests and the blood transfusions. He has now exhausted everything and he needs 25 lakhs for the transplant. He feels completely lost now and needs your help to save his daughter.

"My wife and I are crying all the time with no one to support. We do not know what we can to save our daughter's life. We can't bear to see her suffering, we cannot imagine losing her, please help us," - Showkat
With your help 8-year-old Tasnim can go back home and live a normal life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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