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Medicines Are Having No Effect On Baby Tanvi, She Needs An Urgent Transplant To Survive

“You put her on the bed, even for a few minutes and she starts wailing. I can’t watch her like this - the swollen stomach, the yellow eyes. You know, there is hope for her, a liver transplant can save her. In fact, the doctors have told me that I can donate a part of my liver and save my daughter’s life. But we can never afford so much,” - Jyoti, mother of little Tanvi.

Jyoti and Tarun’s 10-month-old baby is suffering from a genetic condition that is damaging her liver. The only way they can save their baby girl is with a timely transplant. 

She might not make it to her first birthday…

Since her birth, little Tanvi used to wince as if she was in pain. The young parents took her to many doctors but no one could tell them what was wrong with their daughter.


“It was only when she was 4-months-old that her condition started getting worse. She used to vomit whatever little milk she had. Her stomach started getting bigger and bigger. I could see how much pain she was in. This time test results showed that our baby’s liver is failing due to a genetic condition. The doctors have said that she might not make it to her first birthday if she doesn’t get the transplant. No mother should ever have to hear such a thing about their child,” - Jyoti breaks into tears.

Her condition is getting worse with every passing day but this daily wager has no means to save his daughter

Medicines are having no effect on baby Tanvi. She has a high fever and her entire body has turned yellow. But Tarun is helpless - he is just a daily wager, who earns about Rs 350-400 in day. He doesn’t know what are savings, his small family runs on his daily earnings. 

“I have spent as much I could have on my own. Now the doctors have told me that we would need 18 lakhs for the transplant. There is no way someone like me can arrange for this much. I need your help to save Tanvi. She is our only child…”- Tarun, father

These parents are desperate to save their only child from a rapidly failing liver. A generous contribution from your side can save baby Tanvi 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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