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This Labourer's Kids Are Afraid They Won't See Their Father Again Because He Has Kidney Failure

"His sons miss their father. Their father is the brave and hearty one at home. Seeing him sick and bedridden has scared them. They keep asking when he will come back and things will become normal", said Sunil's brother, Durgesh. 

Ever since Sunil was young, he has worked very hard. He has needed to look after his parents, works even harder to look after his wife and two children. He had been doing well for himself until that time when everything simply came crashing down.

Sunil with his wife and brother

A few months back, Sunil was diagnosed with kidney failure. He needs dialysis thrice a week. As of now, his treatment has come to a point where it is no longer working. The doctors have given up on him unless he undergoes an urgent kidney transplant.

Constant struggle to give a better life to his kids

Sunil has always worked hard to ensure that his sons had a childhood different from him - without despair and poverty.  He worked in a fabric shop earning Rs 100 per day. While not enough to look after a family in a city like Mumbai, he constantly strove harder by working overtime to make ends meet. His wife is a homemaker and Sunil is the only earning member in the family.

But his dreams were cut-short by kidney disease. He needs frequent dialysis and has no energy left. His health has made him incapable of working. If he doesn't get a transplant soon, his health will fade away and shatter the life he so carefully built for himself.

In just a month, the family has spent over 2 lakhs on treatment and have no resources left. Sunil's mother is willing to donate her kidney to her son, but it will be for nothing if he doesn't get the funds to undergo surgery for the transplant.

His family is lost without him

Sunil's family is all dependent on him as he is the only earning member of the family. His younger brother is in Kolkata pursuing his studies and stays with his father, who is also a daily-wage worker. His children, Arjun and Bhim, are both in school and their education is also expensive. In this condition, he is unable to work and at present, has no source of income leaving him and his family in a fix.

How can you help?

All his life, Sunil has struggled to make his life count through hard work and being there for his wife and kids. His efforts and his strength will all be in vain if he succumbs to kidney failure. Your support will help Sunil save himself for his family. The estimated cost of the entire transplant is said to be Rs 7 lakhs. Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards his kidney transplant. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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