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'I Am Praying To Every God, Then Why Is My Stomach Still Hurting?' Asks Boy With 100% Liver Damage

“His eyes have become so yellow. He is so weak that he can’t even sit up without support from either his mother or me. He used to love food so much – every day before I go to work, he would ask me to buy his favorite snacks and eagerly wait till I come back at night. Now, we have to beg him to eat one spoonful of rice. How long can he live like this?”-Sreeramappa, father.

6-year-old Sreeshanth is suffering from acute liver failure and is inching towards death. He needs a liver transplant urgently or he will not survive. But the expensive procedure is completely out of the reach of his poor parents Sreeramappa and Sharadamma, both daily wagers, who have stopped going to work from the past few days in order to take care of their son.  

Sreeshanth, before his condition worsened

I am praying hard, but why is my stomach still hurting?’

Sreeshanth had always been a healthy child who hated going to hospitals. But since last January, he has been frequently visiting the hospital after developing one complication after the other. It started with seizures for which he was admitted for over 25 days. Soon after that in February, he developed jaundice and his hands and legs started swelling up. Medicines gradually stopped working on him and soon he was diagnosed with liver failure. The little boy has not gone to school since January and his health and mental well-being has been on the decline.

“When he asks when his treatment will get over and he can go back to school, we tell him soon. We tell him to pray so that he gets better fast. Every day he asks me, ‘I am praying to every God, then why is my stomach still hurting? Is God not listening to me?’ Is he punishing me for not eating vegetables? We don’t know what to tell him anymore,”- Sharadamma, mother.

‘We sold everything we had, yet we cannot save him. Help us’

Sreeramappa and Sharadamma used to work in farms in their hometown of Chikkaballapur, Karnataka, and earn Rs 150 per day. This was before they had to quit so as to take care of their sick son. In order to admit him in the hospital, they sold the two cows they had for Rs 70,000. When that money did not suffice, they even went ahead and borrowed more than Rs 2 lakhs for tests and other hospital expenses. Now, the family has absolutely no source of income. They are completely dependent on the mercy of relatives for food and water even.

“My wife is ready to give a part of her liver and even her life if needed for our son. But we don’t have the money needed for the procedure. Knowing our financial condition, nobody is willing to lend us more money. My son is dying…please help us save him,”-Sreeramappa.

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