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All His Life He Has Given Medicines To Others, Now He Can’t Afford His Son’s Treatment

“I spend my entire day giving medicines to patients, I am a pharmacist. But I never thought there will be a day where my own son will need medicines for cancer..and I won't be able to afford it. I wish I didn’t understand all the medical terms, I wish I didn’t know what this disease can do to my son but I do know and…it's scary that we can lose him.”- Obul, father

He can't move even an inch without being in pain

“We went to our village for a function. While returning back, Srijeth again had a high fever but this time it wasn’t just that, his entire body was covered with black spots. But the doctor there kept saying “nothing will happen, it’s just a fever.” -Geetha, mother

In mid-October, Srijeth had a fever for 15 days and no medicine worked. After Obul noticed the spots on his body, he brought him to the city hospital. His platelets were down to a few thousand, his hemoglobin was dangerously low and he couldn't move even an inch without being in pain.

Now he stays lifeless on the bed most of the time

“He loves to play with his trucks and cars. He used to drive them all around the house, he used to hold on to my pallu and walk behind me wherever I go. All he does now is stay in the bed, screaming in pain or feeling tired and lifeless most of the time. He is not the same anymore.”-Geetha

They are forced to stop his life saving treatment

Only chemotherapy can save him and without wasting a minute Srijeth’s treatment began. But now, 2 months into the treatment, they have exhausted every penny they had and are forced to stop the treatment.

“I knew it would cost a lot but never thought it would be this much. We tried cutting down our expenses but nothing worked. I can’t even keep my job, that could have helped at least a little... but then, how could I leave him.. Srijeth needs me.” -Obul

Though he is just 3, he is fighting cancer bravely, but the family cannot continue with the treatment anymore. They need 18 lakhs more and they can’t do it without your help. Click here to help.

Patient Srijeth Obul Reddy is 2 years old, living in Hyderabad, Telangana
Being treated by Dr. Parinitha Gutha in American Oncology Institute, Hyderabad, Telangana

Receiving Chemotherapy treatment for T Cell ALL

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