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This 8-Year-Old Is Slowly Forgetting Who She Is Because Of Brain Cancer

“It’s been a year since we left home with only one goal in our mind, saving our daughter from the brain tumor…and we are still trying. I sold my bike, my wife’s jewels, and every other little thing we had. Now I have nothing left to sell. I promised her that I will not let anything happen to her… I can’t fail her.”- Samir Kshetrapal, Father

She has already gone through 2 major brain surgeries

Srabanti (8) has been diagnosed with Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma with a tumor in her brain. She has already undergone 2 surgeries of the brain, yet she is not cured completely. She needs to continue chemotherapy and whole-brain radiotherapy.

Srabanti’s happy childhood turned into misery overnight

“Srabanti came home from school with a severe headache and vomiting. She cried in pain the whole night. The next morning, we took to a hospital in our village in West Bengal. Later, they asked us to go to Kolkata and get a MRI scan done. We were not at all prepared for what we heard that day… our little girl has a tumor in her brain. How that could happen? It took me days to even believe it.” - Mamata, Mother

Srabanti has been fighting cancer bravely. Yet at times she breaks down when she sees her parents crying. She has lost the innocence of her childhood. 
Srabanti doesn’t remember the last time she played with her friends or what she studied at school. It’s all a distant memory for her. She is slowly forgetting who she is now.

 “I haven’t seen my eldest son for a long time. He must have grown in my absence. I just hear his voice over the phone…that too only his worried voice. He always asks the same question— “When will you come home with chotu (Sranbanti)?”- says Mamata with tears in her eyes.

Samir needs 4 Lakh Rupees to continue his daughter’s treatment. Only then Srabanti can recover and go back home.

“I used to work as a mason in our village with an income of 200 Rupees a day. Now, I have no job and no money to even feed my family. I beg for your help. Please save my daughter’s life.”- Samir, Father

Your generous contributions can alone save Srabanti.

Patient Srabanti is 10 years old, living in Bengaluru, Karnataka
Being treated by Dr.Shashidhar in Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Receiving Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy treatment for Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma

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